Episode 2: NextGen MilSpouse Happy Hour Podcast

NextGen MilSpouse Happy Hour PodcastEpisode 2 of the NextGen MilSpouse Happy Hour Podcast is here! In this episode, we introduce a new weekly news segment with none other Amy Bushatz of Military.com and Spousebuzz! This week’s show is jam-packed with so much info…hold on to your pajama pants and grab a delicious libation!

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NextGen MilSpouse Happy Hour Episode 2 Notes

What’s New on NextGen:

Military Community News:

Election Corner 2016:

Sip, Binge, Splurge of the Week:

  • Binge on this: All things Alan Rickman (RIP Alan Rickman)
  • Sip on this: Vanilla Coke and Visit the World of Coca Cola in Atlanta
  • Splurge on this: Modern Military Spouse, a book by military spouses for military spouses

52 Week Challenge Goal:




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