Episode 19: Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

The NextGen MilSpouse Happy Hour Podcast is going off the rails. After the success of last week’s all-hands-on-deck episode when we kept our entire team on the show for the entire show, we decided to do it again. No oops here folks. This week Amazing Amy tackles the current events you need to know, while Adrianna, Michelle, and Jessica tackle trending stories on NextGen MilSpouse and across social media.

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Episode 19 NextGen MilSpouse Happy Hour Podcast Notes

NextGen MilSpouse Happy Hour Episode 19 Pin

Binge, Save and Splurge of the Week

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Amy says Binge on Home Fires on Amazon Streaming.
Save on a brand new Chevrolet with Chevrolet’s Military Discount! Now through May 31, nobody offers a more comprehensive discount – available to active duty, retirees and all veterans.
Splurge on sunscreen and sweet, sweet, anti-Zika DEET bug spray. Jessica suggests Ultrathon, a super affordable bug cream…way better than spraying bug spray in your eyes.

Hot Military Community News from Military.com & SpouseBuzz.com

  • Tricare News
  • Commissary News
  • More Budget News

What’s New on NextGen MilSpouse

What’s Trending on Social Media with Jessica Hall

  • General Lori Robinson takes over NORAD and shatters glass ceilings along the way
  • PCS Binders that just won’t quit
  • Week 20 Challenge: Make a Plan to Honor the Fallen for Memorial Day



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