Episode 18: Professional Hangovers & Ultimate MilSpouse Week

It’s Episode 18 of the NextGen MilSpouse Happy Hour Podcast for military spouses! We’re shaking things up this week because Ultimate Military Spouse Week, May 2-8, 2016, was crazy busy. In spite of Adrianna’s naive optimism, we did not record ANY podcasts last week despite her rose-colored-glasses and good-intentions to record not one, but two podcasts. We just nod and smile at her most of the time anyway.

Since we fell a little behind schedule, we decided to take it further by keeping our entire podcast team on the air the entire show! We can’t wait to hear what you think about how it turned out!
Side note, Ultimate Military Spouse Week (UMSW) is not a real thing, it’s just something we came up with to describe all of the awesome events taking place that week in D.C. including the Military Spouse of the Year Town Hall and Luncheon, American Military Partners Association 3rd Annual Gala, and a smattering of several others events like this year’s 5th Anniversary of Joining Forces celebration and the USO’s 75th birthday party.

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NextGen MilSpouse Happy Hour Podcast Episode 18 Notes

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