Episode 16: You Down With PCS?

It’s Episode 16 of our Happy Hour Podcast for Military Spouses! Join us as we welcome our  newest NextGen MilSpouse team member, Jessica Hall as she takes over our segment on what’s trending on social media, while sweet, sweet Amy Bushatz of Military.com and Spousebuzz.com catches us all up on the latest military community news. Michelle and Adrianna pull of an Academy Award winning performance with a skit about, you guessed it, Why you, me, and Irene need to have renters insurance. It’s a masterpiece.

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NextGen MilSpouse Happy Hour Podcast Episode 16 Notes

Episode 16- Happy Hour Podcast Pin

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  1. Hi! I love your podcast, you always find things to talk about that are so useful and relevant. You seem to be missing the link to the episode 16 podcast though. I was excited to see the page for it posted, but can’t find where to listen to it, unlike the previous episodes. Have a great day!

    • NextGen MilSpouse Staff Writer

      Oh no, Erin! We fixed the link! Thanks for letting us know!


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