Do The Right Thing: “Special Membership” Not Good Enough for LGBT MilSpouses

End image from stock.xchng.’s Amy Bushatz reports that “Board members with the Fort Bragg officers’ spouses’ club late tonight announced they are willing to issue gay spouse Ashley Broadway a “special Guest Membership” to their club after originally denying her admittance because she is not a DoD ID card holder.”

You know what I say to that? Too little, too late.  Let’s do the right thing people!  I could not have imagined a more insulting gesture, if you can even call it that.  Slap in the face is more like it.  As soon as I read that, my blood just boiled.

Ashley Broadway, is a military spouse PERIOD.  End of story.  There is no, the law says this, or DOMA says that.  Screw it.  Ashley is a military spouse forced to silently and invisibly support her wife throughout her military career.  She is no different than any other straight military spouse.  Her sacrifices are my sacrifices.  Her sacrifices are your sacrifices.  Show her the respect that we all deserve.

And let’s be crystal clear.  The OSC is not MENSA, people.  There’s no need to be so darn exclusive.  Let’s get it right.  The Association of Bragg Officers’ Spouses, like any military spouse organization, is a philanthropic social club with some luncheons, volunteering, bunko nights, and fundraising sprinkled in.  It’s a networking group that is meant to provide community, support, and camaraderie amongst ALL military spouses.

Maybe they need a little bit of tough love or maybe they need to continue on this road down the school of hard knocks they seem so dedicated to traveling.  They seem hellbent on smearing their own name through the mud.  For all that is good in this world, why?!

Shame on your Association of Officers’ Spouses.  Shame on you!  I would expect you to have more class and more couth and more humanity than that.  How dare you turn away a willing and excited military spouse because of her lack of ID card (changed after she applied…spoiled sports) or whatever BS reason you’re telling yourselves so you can sleep better tonight.

Get it together, Association of Bragg Officers’ Spouses.  Hurry up and do the right thing before it’s too late.

Are you a ready to declare yourself an ally to full inclusion of LGBT milspouses in our milspouse community and support the right to extend full benefits and entitlements to LGBT military families?  Show your support below!


  1. This is a sad situation. They (the military) have come so far and there is still so far to go.

    • Kristen – exactly! I keep hearing the excuse that the military is 40 years behind …but WE are not the military – we are the spouses and we make up the bylaws and rules for groups like these. Can’t hide behind the DOD on this one. !

  2. It’s as if they thought that this would somehow make them look better. I can imagine the meeting:

    “They press is making us out to be bigots, I just don’t understand!”

    “Here’s an idea, why don’t we give her a special membership. After what she’s done she’d never walk through those doors, and then we’s look like we are being inclusive.”

    I wonder if they’ll install a water fountain just for Ashley… that’d be nice.

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