Deployments and Reintegration Inspire Combat Veteran’s Spouse Dissertation

military spouse reintegration“How have deployments and reintegration affected the well-being of military spouses/partners?”

As the wife of a combat veteran, pursuing my PhD in Interdisciplinary Health Sciences, that question is the focus of my dissertation.

I chose this topic, because my husband and I have lived through multiple deployments, many moves, and a transition into civilian life to continue our educations. After he rejoined the federal workforce, I decided to use these personal experiences to inspire my research.

For the last five years, I have listened to, in my opinion, the military’s most valuable and often untapped resource—military spouses. They trust me, open their hearts and share their stories. They help me see how their branches of the military tree are different from mine. Their issues are similar, yet those speaking often feel they are the only ones going through it. I hear their pain, because I have shared their confusion. I know firsthand that post-deployment life often creates more questions than you had before the deployment began. Civilian friends and family will try to be supportive; but at times, they just won’t understand.

In Phase One of my research, the Military Spouse Health Assessment was created—FOR spouses, BY spouses. The survey covers four distinct, yet connected areas–psychological, social, physical, and spiritual well-being. Using their words, it gives a voice to their issues—pre-deployment struggles, deployment’s fears and loneliness, and reintegration reunions with its mixed emotions—just to name a few.

Take the survey!

 My goal is to provide spouses a tool to add to their military life toolbox…a way to just “check in”….and feel okay about asking, “How am I doing?”

Christy will share survey results and findings via the Military Spouse Health Assessment page on Facebook.

Christi Luby Christi Luby received her Bachelor’s degree with Distinction in Psychology, Biology, and Sociology and her Masters of Public Health in Health Promotion Sciences at the University of Oklahoma. She is a Master Certified Health Education Specialist, Compassion Fatigue Educator, and Doctoral Candidate pursuing her PhD in Interdisciplinary Health Sciences. As the spouse of a B-52 combat veteran, she experienced numerous deployments during her husband’s ten-year active-duty Air Force career, including Operations Desert Shield/Storm and Southern Watch. This personal experience guides her research on how deployments and reintegration affect the well-being of military spouses. Ms. Luby has been married for over 24 years and has four daughters.




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