Put the Party Back into Political Party with Debate Night Bingo

NextGen MilSpouse created our own drinking game for the upcoming presidential debates!

NextGen MilSpouse’s Debate Night Bingo card is mostly blank with options ready to be filled in by you and your guests, making every game and every debate different.

Download your printable bingo card here.

Before the debates begin, fill in the blank spaces on the bingo card. You can use our bingo bank of ideas or create your own!

NextGen MilSpouse’s Debate Night Bingo Bank of Ideas

  • President Putin
  • Cuba
  • Hillary Clinton takes a drink of water
  • Social security
  • A candidate sticks out his or her tongue at another candidate
  • A candidate hugs another candidate
  • VA reform
  • Donald Trump won’t disclose his plan
  • Iraq
  • Afghanistan
  • A candidate mentions President Barack Obama
  • Someone shouts “liar” from the live TV audience
  • Safe zones for refugees
  • Any candidate mentions carpet-bombing people, places or things
  • Candidate discusses what he/she will do to help the military
  • Candidate discusses what he/she will do to help veterans
  • Hillary Clinton talks about her time as First Lady
  • The moderator fact checks the candidates
  • A candidate claims that they will work with members of both parties if elected
  • The candidates talk at the same time
  • Common Core
  • No Child Left Behind
  • A candidate mentions that they are pro-choice
  • A candidate mentions that they are pro-life
  • A candidate mentions George W. Bush
  • A candidate praises the Affordable Care Act
  • A candidate condemns Obamacare
  • A passionate discussion about gun control occurs
  • Donald Trump mentions building a wall between the U.S. and Mexico
  • A candidate scowls or grimaces after hearing another candidates’ answer
  • A candidate references Trump’s “Apprentice” television show
  • A candidate rolls his or her eyes
  • A candidate uses the hashtag “Black Lives Matter”
  • Pope Francis
  • Fiscal responsibility
  • Sequestration
  • Medicare
  • A candidate insults the other candidate on stage with them
  • The Iran nuclear deal is praised
  • The Iran nuclear deal is condemned
  • Capital punishment
  • Israel
  • A candidate mentions DADT
  • Paid family leave is discussed
  • A plan to defund Planned Parenthood is mentioned
  • A candidate praises same-sex marriage
  • A candidate states they are against gay marriage
  • Syria
  • ISIS
  • Libya
  • Sept. 11 terrorist attacks
  • Any candidate mentions raising the federal minimum wage
  • A candidate mentions that s/he has <insert ethnicity or race> friends
  • A candidate winks at the camera
  • A candidate gives a thumbs up
  • A candidate uses the phrase “radical Islamic extremism”
  • Donald Trump wears a blue tie
  • Hillary Clinton mentions that she was Secretary of State
  • A candidate references their “proven record”
  • Benghazi hearings
  • The moderator asks about Hillary Clinton’s emails
  • The moderator asks Donald Trump about his qualifications

As you watch the debate, mark off squares on your bingo card as the candidates duke it out.

The first one to 5 in a row, yells “bingo!” and wins a prize. Simple, yet effective debate watching fun.

Want to step up your game? Here’s how.

  • Any time someone marks a topic you don’t have on your card…DRINK.
  • Any time Donald Trump mentions Putin, EVERYONE DRINKS.
  • Any time Hillary Clinton mentions President Obama, EVERYONE DRINKS.

What ideas would you add to NextGen MilSpouse’s Debate Night Bingo Bank of Ideas? Tell us in the comments section.


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