Dear Cable News…If You Don’t Have Anything New to Say on Syria, Please Shut Up

Shut up squareDear Cable News,

Put away your giant graphics and silence your urgent soundtrack.  Hang up the phone and stop scheduling “experts” to tell you the mights, what ifs, and possibly-maybes of Syria.

I heard something about not wanting to put boots on the ground…how dare you LIE.  Any time we engage there are boots on the ground…seen or unseen…6 sets or 100 sets…the boots are there.

I heard something about drones.  How dare you imply there’s little to no-risk there?  We haven’t even started to discuss the impact of long distance warfare on drone operators…there is always an impact, always a risk.  PTSD is PTSD here or there.

BREAKING NEWS: You’re reckless, heartless, senseless, and shameless. 

The crisis in Syria is very real and very scary.  We can’t ignore a regime that unleashes chemical weapons on their own or any other population.  It’s your job to share that story and present the facts.  JUST. THE. FACTS.

Nobody asked you to pull out our military playbooks and lay out every possibility as if it were an eventuality.

Do you even realize that you’re talking about real people with real families who have spent the past 11+ years in a constant state of war?

Do you care that creating fear, hysteria, and dramatics for the sake of ratings makes life more dangerous for Syrians and Americans alike?

But I guess that’s good for business, right?  I mean, nothing is more 24-7 than a war.   Why not fuel one, right?

BREAKING NEWS: You traded your ethics and your soul for ratings.  You have no integrity.

Just as military families are starting to believe that maybe, just maybe, the light at the end of this decade long tunnel is getting brighter it starts to dim and fade.

Go ahead, build your ratings and rake in millions of dollars on the eventuality of war.  It’s not like you have to pay the the ultimate price.

Sincerely Yours,

NextGen MilSpouse

“SHH” Image from Elizabeth Welsh’s Flickr Feed via CC by 2.0.


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