Costco Invites Military Families To Its ‘Military Hour’ On March 24

Costco Invites Military Families To Its 'Military Hour' On March 24

This is a paid conversation written by me on behalf of FitFluential and Premier Protein. The opinions and text are all mine.

Costco is my happy place for grocery shopping. When my husband and I got our Costco membership in California in 2013 we would spend our date days browsing the aisles, enjoying the tasty samples and eating lunch there. What can I say? I’m a sucker for a hot dog.

When we received our orders to Gulfport, Mississippi, I was bummed to learn that this popular warehouse store wasn’t at my new duty station. But wait – there are 2 locations (one in Mobile, Ala., and one in New Orleans,) within driving distance from me.

Now when I shop at Costco, I carpool with a friend and we catch up on each other’s lives during the drive and then we stock our shopping carts with our favorites from Costco. (Curious about my favorite Costco items? Keep reading.)

Costco continues to be my happy place.

Is Costco your happy place? Which do you like better: the free samples or the $5 Kirkland-brand rotisserie chicken?

You don’t have a Costco membership?

Wait, you haven’t been to a Costco?

No more excuses people.

This Saturday, March 24, 117 Costco warehouses nationwide are inviting active duty military, veterans and their families to Military Hour – an exclusive one hour of shopping for military families before the stores open to the public.

Don’t hit that snooze button! The first 100 members to enter will receive an exclusive swag bag.

Be ready to show your military ID card along with your Costco membership card at the door. Participants will be able to enjoy samples throughout the warehouse during the event. Current Costco members can RSVP for Military Hour by visiting

Wanna-be Costco members (and believe me, you want to be one) can take advantage of an exclusive new membership offer for the military on March 24. If you sign with this promotion you will receive a $20 Costco Cash Card along with coupons valued at over $60 including 3 free items.

For more info on the membership offer, check out this link:

Costco Invites Military Families To Its 'Military Hour' On March 24

Still not convinced that you need a Costco membership? Check out this list of my 10 all-time favorite products that I buy at Costco. 

Kirkland toilet paper. I have a Costco membership because I LOVE this toilet paper. Love it! I tell all my friends to buy it. If you don’t think it’s possible to be exclusive with one brand of toilet paper then you haven’t tried Costco’s toilet paper.

Confession:  I’m planning to pack Kirkland toilet paper for our spring break trip to the beach next week.

Dishwasher tabs. If you look under my kitchen sink you will find dishwasher tabs and kitchen trash bags from Costco. Both are amazing products that do their job well.

Laundry detergent. Before I shopped at Costco I frequently ran out of laundry detergent on Sunday night…after the commissary was closed…and before I washed my husband’s PT clothes…that he needed to wear to the fitness center on Monday morning.

With the giant size of laundry detergent from Costco I no longer have the excuse of “we’re out of laundry detergent” for the reason why my daughter’s favorite jeans aren’t clean on Monday.

Premier Protein shakes. Costco is the only retailer who stocks hormone free Premier Protein Shakes. With 30 grams of protein and only 1 gram of sugar, this is my to-go drink after a tough workout. These great tasting shakes are available in chocolate, vanilla and caramel. I use the vanilla one as a creamer in my morning coffee.

Costco Invites Military Families To Its 'Military Hour' On March 24

Bottled water. I’m ready for hurricane season. Thank you Costco!

Paper towels. We’re a messy family. Enough said.

Plastic cutlery. Because of my husband’s job in the Navy, we occasionally host 50 sailors for social events at our house. That’s a lot of forks, spoons and knives to feed those service members and their families.

Dried mango. It’s my daughter’s favorite after-school snack. She likes it because it tastes sweet like candy. I like it because she’s eating a healthy snack instead of candy.

Organic extra virgin olive oil. My husband and I both love to cook so this olive oil is a staple in our kitchen.

Alaskan salmon burgers. My sister in law told me about this product when I was complaining that I didn’t have time to cook as a working mom.

“Michelle, you have to try these frozen salmon burgers! They are soooo good and so easy to make,” she said.

She was right!

Now I always keep a bag of these burgers in my freezer. They are my go-to when I don’t have time to cook. Dinner is served in less than 30 minutes. Salmon burgers for the win!

Those are my 10 all-time favorite products from Costco. What are yours? I’m always on the hunt for the best items. Please share your favorites with me so I can buy them at the March 24 Military Hour.


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