Cool MilSpouse Tools Review: #VonageBox Keeps Military Families Connected & Win Your Own + 1 Year of Service!

vonage_boxI’ve been a loyal Vonage customer since 2009, so when Vonage approached me to review their newest Vonage Box products and services with you in exchange for a free year of service for our home, I was more than happy to oblige!

Vonage offers affordable and reliable VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol) service which is just a fancy way of saying that you can make calls using your high-speed internet connection rather than a traditional phone line.   Their Vonage World phone plans offer “unlimited calls to landlines in 60 countries and mobile calls in 10 countries”.

Learn more about the Vonage World Plan here.

Perhaps one  of my favorite-all-time features of my Vonage service is that I can take my US telephone number anywhere I go, worldwide.  That means that even if we PCS overseas, Mom and Dad can just dial my stateside number and- voilà-they reach me wherever the Air Force sends us.  Mom and Dad aren’t required to have Vonage service to contact me.  Any calls they make will be treated as a US domestic call.  Pretty cool, right?

As a pretty busy business owner/mom/wife, Vonage does a really great job of keeping me connected when I’m on the go.  Here are three amazing and included features and one bonus that I didn’t know I couldn’t live without before I had Vonage:

Vonage Extentions Extends the Reach Of Your Mobile Phone (Pun intended)

Vonage Extensions

Vonage Extensions App allows customers to make calls via Wi-Fi or 3G/4G and can save you from using your mobile phone call minutes.  Even awesomer -yes, awesomer- with the Extensions App you can make international calls direct from your cell phone without incurring outrageous charges from your cell provider.

Vonage Voicemail Is Everywhere

Vonage Visual Voicemail

Customers can check their Vonage Voicemail from their phone, the Extensions App, or via computer.

Vonage’s Simulring Means You’ll Never Miss A Precious Call Ever Again


Nothing is more precious than a phone call from your significant other when they’re far from home.  With Vonage’s Simulring (sounds like a super power, doesn’t it?),  you can have your incoming phone calls ring to up to 5 additional phones.

Bonus: ‘Vonage Date’ Not Necessary

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The great thing about Vonage is that you don’t have to make a ‘Vonage Date’!  If your spouse is deploying or headed out on a short tour and is going to have access to a high-speed internet connection, they can take a Vonage Box complete with a US phone number with them.  If you want to call your loved one you just call.  Boom. It’s that easy.

The Verdict: Vonage Box

When push comes to shove, I can’t live without home phone service.  I know that a lot of us have already ditched the home phone, but between work, kids, and spotty cell reception at home, I can’t let it go.  Vonage keeps me connected to family everywhere I go and it provides me with the security of having an additional phone line at a very reasonable price- even cheaper than bundling my phone service with a cable or satellite provider.

Win A Vonage Box and A Year of Vonage World Service!

I see you dancing behind your screen! You didn’t think we’d hype you up about Vonage and then not offer you chance to try it for yourself for free-ninety-nine, did you? You did?

Well you’re mistaken!

One lucky NextGen MilSpouse reader will win their very own Vonage Box and Vonage World service for a year ( a $550 value)!
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