Cool Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

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Ahhh…Mother’s Day.  The one day moms across America are bombarded with hand-print cards, “I-love-Mom” ceramic tiles, and tea bags stapled inside of hand-cut Jackson-Pollack colored paper tea kettles made with love by their kids.  Spouses everywhere break outside of their comfort zone to whip up a giant mess in the kitchen breakfast in bed complete with flowers and all of the usual suspects.  But what does mom really want for Mother’s Day?

Don’t worry…we’ve rounded up some of the coolest gifts we could find that any mom would love!

NextGen MilSpouse’s Cool Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


Show Mom she’s your Wonder Woman!

We all know that Mom is the ultimate Wonder Woman, especially once she’s had her morning cuppa joe.  Now if she can only remember where she parked her invisible van…


Admit you’re brain damaged.

Admit it, Mom is always right and the least you can do is be self-deprecating about it.  Give mama a good laugh and remind yourself to change the toilet paper roll.  I mean, really would it kill you to remember this one simple thing?  Would it?


Help her protect her command center.

It’s amazing what a mom can do when she’s got her Siri by her side. Make sure that you protect her right hand girl when the kiddos are “playing” on her iPhone with an OtterBox Defender Series Hybrid Case & Holster.



Help her find time to read.

I bet Mom doesn’t even remember the last time she had time to sit down and read a book.  Alone.  In peace and quiet.  Nab her a Kindle Fire and she’ll always be able to find a spare moment to read.  Alone.  We repeat…alone.

Caffeinate her.  Please.

Okay, so not every mom is a java junkie like us, but you’ve gotta admit that the Keurig is a pretty sweet gift idea.  From tea to coffee to hot chocolate you can give her her heart’s desire in a cup.




Mom needs an extra hand.

Whether she’s got a baby at home or not, this Brica Phone Pod is every mom’s best friend. She can attach her smartphone directly to a stroller or shopping cart and take hands free to a whole ‘nother level.  It’s NextGen tested and NextGen approved, and yes, it will fit most phones with protective cases, too!


Send her to the spa!

As much as we love a well planned gift, you can’t go wrong with a SpaFinder Wellness Gift Card.  She can use SpaFinder to locate a local spa and get whisked away into aromatherapuetic awesomeness.



Don’t wait to the last minute! 

Don’t say we didn’t warn you, but just in case Mother’s Day slips your mind, Amazon Prime will have your back.  With standard free two-day shipping and just $3.99 for next day, it’s totally worth it.  Plus you’ll get access to their kindle lending library and amazon streaming services included in your membership!


  1. i want for kids to give to there mother you stupid tard

  2. As for me, it is best to give flowers to mom, and even better to order a beautiful bouquet from a flower shop


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