Considering a Career With the Federal Government? Check Out This Must-Read Guide

milspouse guide to fed and contract employment

When a service member joins the military, their entire family makes a commitment to serve alongside them. The transient nature of military lifestyle often negatively impacts the spouse’s career ambitions, making it more difficult for them to obtain professional positions and continue forward career progression.

A career with the government civil service allows many military spouses to maintain and advance a professional career without losing seniority (or starting a new job search from scratch) when their service member relocates due to Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders.

In Gear Career, a national non-profit organization supporting military families, recently published The Military Spouse’s Guide to Federal & Contractor Employment. This unique resource leverages the knowledge and insight of military spouses with more than 20 years of experience in the federal sector. Packed with effective strategies and practical tips to help spouses navigate the federal hiring system, this guide:

  • Provides a detailed explanation of the various types of government service positions and best practices for applying for federal jobs.
  • Clarifies common misconceptions about Military Spouse Preference (MSP), and explains how spouses can effectively leverage MSP—as well as lesser-known military spouse-specific considerations—in a federal job search.
  • Discusses the value of pursuing career opportunities with federal contractors as either a stepping-stone to GS employment or as professional career path compatible with the military lifestyle.
Download The Military Spouse’s Guide to Federal & Contractor Employment

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