Cheatsheet to Rock Your Next PCS!

Contents image by Meathead Movers via CC by 2.0
Contents image by Meathead Movers via CC by 2.0
Contents image by Meathead Movers via CC by 2.0.

I’ve been an army spouse for over 6 years now, and we have moved 4 times. Each time we move, we tend to add something new to the mix: kids, dog, more stuff…you get the idea.

Over the years I’ve gathered tricks and tips  from veteran spouses  and my own experiences.

Here are my top ten tricks and tips for PCS Season:

10 Easy Tips to Make Your Next PCS a Smooth Move

Hang curtains in your closet so they go into the wardrobe boxes and can be easily found.

Empty “junk” drawers or drawers with small items into gallon ziploc bags and then put the bags in the drawers.

Stock up on dry goods and paper products if you are moving to a remote location (one without a Warehouse store).

Beg, barter, pay someone to watch your children/pets while packers are packing and loading.

Always pack your vacuum last so you can clean as they empty your house.

Triple check trash cans before they are packed.

Empty your Keurig completely before it is packed. Or, better yet, just put it in your car and carry it with you.

Put all the important files and what you want to travel in the car. IN THE CAR! Before the movers get there.

Buying your packers/movers coffee or lunch is really worth the expense to have them take better care of your things.

Breathe! We (collective we) have been doing this for years. Remember the things you learn and pass them on to the next person.


Rebecca Alwine has been an army spouse for over 6 years, is the proud mother of two young children, and an active volunteer in the military community.  She is also a facilitator for the new Dept of Labor Employment Workshop that is part of the 5-day Transition Process for all military personnel who are separating/retiring.  She enjoys running, Crossfit, reading, and puzzles.  Catch up on her blog and follow her on Twitter at @armywife1229.



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