5 Careers You Never Thought of Doing While Holding Down the House

By Guest Contributor Courtney Gordner

For many military spouses, days are filled with support activities, such as raising kids, keeping up with the household and planning military parties or functions. Military spouses contribute in many non-monetary ways to their families. But some are still eager to bring in extra income while holding down the house.

They are eager to become a Work From Home Parent.

The good news is that there are a number of careers, many of which you’ve probably never thought of, that can dovetail perfectly with your other commitments as a military spouse.

Party Planning

You’ve undoubtedly put on a number of shindigs for your spouse and his or her military colleagues. Build on that experience to offer party planning services. You may be able to secure discounts from vendors if you’re working for a military client and you’ll be familiar with the base rules concerning parties. Bonus: This is also a flexible pursuit where most of the out-of-house time will be on the weekend, when your spouse is around to watch the kids or take care of other household tasks.

Babysitting Service

Different states have different regulations concerning home babysitting services. If you live off base, you want to start a full-fledged daycare, you’ll need to file paperwork with the state and get formal approval. If you live on base, then you can complete the paperwork to become a Child Development Home Provider. But if you’re a stay-at-home parent who only wants to watch a couple extra children, you can pick up some easy money by watching kids of other parents you know through the base. Consider signing up as a child care provider through Sittercity. It’s a trusted resource for military families. Bonus: Kids enjoy spending time with each other, so it’s probably easier watching three kids than just one of your own.

Customer Service

These days you no longer have to go to a call center to become a customer service representative. With a little training, you can answer calls directly from your home and working for large corporations who pay pretty well. You don’t have to leave your house when you’re waiting for the plumber or home alone with your toddler while your spouse is being deployed. Bonus: You don’t need to find a new job when you relocate to a new military installation. Your job moves with you.

Teaching from Home

Many military spouses pursued other careers before they were a stay at home parent. Say you were a professional trumpet player in your previous life. You can make money on the side by offering trumpet lessons to the kids who live on base. Were you a math whiz in high school? Pick up extra dough by tutoring your friends’ kids in calculus. Think creatively and you can figure out how to monetize your expertise. Depending on your level of education, you can even teach classes online. There are lots of high school and college programs that are based just on the computer. Bonus: You are still pursing your career goals while being a SAHM.

Selling Your Crafts

Have you been complimented on the beautiful sweaters you knit or the intricate stamped cards you send as thank you notes? If so, you may be able to make some money on your hobbies. There’s a huge demand for hand-crafted wares online, where you can open an Etsy shop and sell from home for little to no expense. Generate word of mouth by giving examples of your finished product to friends. When their friends comment on the wonderful craft, they can give out your contact information. Bonus: You will actually enjoy your work.

Are you a work-from-home parent?

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