What to Do When Your Boss Rejects Your Work-From-Home Proposal

What to Do When Your Boss Rejects Your Work-From-Home Proposal

I lost my dream job when my husband received his orders.

I worked at the same boutique PR firm for more than 5 years, which allowed me to receive a couple promotions within the company, not to mention a generous salary and some benefits.

Our team was small, but mighty – and ironically enough, two of our five team members worked from home. To me, that meant my idea of teleworking didn’t seem far-fetched.

I also thought my stellar work for the company would convince my boss that it would be worth keeping me on, no matter where the military sent me.

I put together a killer work-from-home pitch.

I explained how all my current tasks could be done remotely. Then, I talked about our team dynamic and client relationships. I knew, and I mean knew, almost everything needed to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

I plopped my work-from-home pitch in an email, took a deep breath and pressed send.

My work-from-home proposal was perfect. How could my boss NOT say yes?

The next day, I had an email waiting for me that was short and to the point saying that she didn’t want my position to move to a home office.

My heart suddenly dropped. I lost my breath and started panicking. What am I going to do now?

The easiest thing to do is to do nothing.

The next easiest thing to do is wait.

Once the initial sting of the metaphorical slap in the face settled, I began seriously turning my career path toward teleworking.

What to Do When Your Boss Rejects Your Work-From-Home Proposal

When Your Work-From-Home Proposal Is Rejected, Turn to Your Professional Network

When my boss rejected my work-from-home proposal, I hit Google to find any other like-minded military spouses. I knew women that were teleworking, but how many military spouses were doing it as well?

It was the best move I made by far. Talking it out to other working military spouses gave me the motivation I needed to figure what I was going to do.

When Your Work-From-Home Proposal Is Rejected, Reach Out to Other Working Military Spouses

There are so many awesome military spouses killin’ it in their careers.

It might not be as apparent, depending on where you are or at on your career journey, but there is an amazing network of military spouses.

I encourage – to the point of begging – you to tap into that amazing network to help guide you on your path, especially after a huge slap in the face.

Before I even moved to my current duty station, I had opportunities lined up and started filling up my schedule with projects. I was thrilled to have a normal workday back – in the comfort of my new home.

When Your Work-From-Home Proposal Is Rejected, Don’t Give Up on Telecommuting

Don’t be afraid to pitch working from home with another employer at a different job.

If I ever make it back into an office setting, I wouldn’t let my first experience set the tone for the rest of my career. You will never know what your employer is willing to work with you on, unless you ask.

Have you successfully moved your job from the office to your house? Or did your supervisor reject your work-from-home proposal too? Share your experiences in the comments section. 



  1. I was successful able to transition my in-office job to work-from-home many states away. My raise, I think, took a bit of a hit, but at least I still have a job I love.

  2. Hi! Will you share what types of resources/communities you found online where you found networks of like-minded professional military spouses? I would love to hear more about how you found your work from home clients.


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