Blog Blotter: Adventure Edition

Welcome to our first edition of the NextGen MilSpouse’s Blog Blotter!  Our Blog Blotter is all about highlighting the biggest, baddest, mother-shut-your-mouth milspouse bloggers who are blogging all about our current month’s theme!  So, if you’re a blogger and you want to be featured, watch our themes and submit a post for the BB.  (That’s right, “the BB”…it’s a thing now.  Go forth and use more of our inner-circle acronyms.)

This month’s theme is all about breaking away from the usual day-to-day routine and incorporating adventure into your life wherever and however you can.

adventure edition

Welcome to MilSpouse Wonderland…

Military spouses are no stranger to adventure and according to Jennifer W., sometimes “being a military spouse is adventurous enough!” And we agree. Speaking of the ultimate adventure, Aileen from Army Pants and Flip Flops is on the cusp of her impending nuptials, discusses her self-professed trip “Down the Rabbit Hole” into MilSpouse Wonderland:

I don’t know what my name will be. I don’t know what my place of work will be. And I certainly don’t know what my occupation will be anymore, unless I can ascribe it to more general occupational ideas like “daughter” and “animal lover” and “Jeopardy-enthusiast-who-isn’t-actually-very-good-at-Jeopardy.” (That last one’s probably too long to fit in my printed bio anyway.)

I think we can all agree that we all struggle to maintain our individuality and blend our identity as milspouses , which is why one of our mantras is always to remember who you are. There is no one-size fits all definition of military spouse and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Hot Topics from the Wall: Surrogacy

One of the hot topics on our Facebook page this week included a discussion concerning a heartbreaking story about a surrogate’s refusal to abort after an ultrasound revealed abnormalities, despite the intended parents’ wishes.

Regardless of where you stand on the issue, the commitment and selflessness required to embark on the adventure of being a surrogate is clear. Stephanie, happy mama of one, from My Nomadic Art Journal shares her journey towards deciding to be a gestational surrogate (we learned what that is  and so much more on her blog):

“I have always planned to someday be a surrogate, and there are so many families who want to have a biological child, or who cannot get pregnant on their own.”

Having missed the opportunity to carry her own daughter due to the restrictions on affording same-sex spouses health insurance benefits, Stephanie “still wants to experience the right of passage of pregnancy and birth.

More Adventurous MilSpouse Encounters  are Just a Click Away

Here are some other mil spouse adventures happening at a blog just a click away…


  1. Thank you ladies for all that you do to support milspouses on their journeys. Mine is just beginning, and the community you’ve created here has been a great source of comfort and knowledge as I begin to mesh who I am as a civilian with who I will be as an army wife.

  2. As someone whose Facebook “about me” section says, “The Jennifer Lawrence of Bingo,” I think that “Jeopardy-enthusiast-who-isn’t-actually-very-good-at-Jeopardy” is totally legit! 😉 Can’t wait to check out all these new blogs!

  3. Thanks for putting these blogs together in one place. I have only made it through half of them and they are now on my favorites list. I am looking forward to the next installment!

    • We’re hoping monthly! May was a bit of a wash!

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