Why Your Milspouse Owned Small Business Should Have A Podcast Too


Milspouse entrepreneurs looking for a niche in a crowded market may want to consider the benefits of podcasts for small businesses. You probably have one or two podcasts you can’t live without that you recommend to random strangers. But can the same platform that you use to binge true crime stories really help your business?

Benefits of Podcasts

In a recent article, Forbes magazine listed podcasts among the ways companies can keep up with changing tech trends

Now, they were referring to podcasts as a way for business owners to stay current on issues that affect them. However, that is the very same reason why a podcast might be just the right fit for you.

Perhaps you provide a service or product from which a specific group or demographic could benefit. All the more reason why you want to get the word out about topics surrounding what you do or make!

Not Everyone Is a Reader

Marketing and small business aficionados believe in the benefits of podcasts for entrepreneurs. Essentially, you give yourself a longform format to educate potential customers about who you are and what you do. If you have a new product or service, a podcast gives you the space to tell people all about it. You don’t have to worry as much about writing short, punchy copy that people will actually take the time to read.

Podcasts are a simple, casual way to establish a friendly connection with potential customers and clients. Furthermore, people don’t feel as much like you’re interested in them for purely commercial reasons. No one likes to feel like you’re constantly selling things to them. 

Develop and Amplify Your Brand

One of the chief benefits of podcasts is brand awareness among potential clients and customers. To give you an idea of the possible market share, the US boasts 51 million podcast listeners.

Through a podcast, people can get to know you as a person as well as an entrepreneur. As a result, they will think of your business not just as a commodity, but a brand.

Podcasts Can Open Up Additional Revenue Streams

Not only can you better market your business to a wider audience through podcasts, but you can also monetize the podcast itself.

Through hard work, strategy, and good-old-fashioned luck, you may be able to sufficiently grow your audience to be able to attract ads. Charging businesses for ad spots is another way to turn your podcast into a lucrative endeavor.

What Should You Talk About?

You may feel like you have nothing to say, but don’t sell yourself short. Let’s say you’re an in-home childcare provider. You likely have insights that parents or even other childcare providers would be interested in!

Nervous about the idea of talking to no one for a solid 10, 20, or 30 minutes? Then don’t fly solo!

The interview format is your friend. Find folks in or related to your field and chat with them. Interviews can be fun and informative. As you develop a back catalog of episodes and hit your stride with a podcast format, your listeners will come to feel like they’re sitting in on a conversation with an old friend or friends.

Furthermore, one hand washes the other. If you invite guests on your podcast, you increase the chances you will be invited onto someone else’s podcast, thereby making new people aware of your brand.

Start Small

If you’re sufficiently convinced of the potential benefits of podcasts for your business, it’s time to get started.

Don’t feel like you need to be rated number one on Apple podcasts right off the bat. Like any new endeavor, you can start by doing your research. Brainstorm branding ideas. Find out what podcast platforms work best for you, how much – if anything – you are willing to budget to have a paid account with them. Determine what equipment you need or want, and what it will cost you. 

Podcasts aren’t just for celebrities. You believed in yourself and business enough to bring them into the world in the first place; you may find you have even more of yourself and your ideas to share!


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