What Type Of Battle Buddy Are You?

What Type Of Battle Buddy Are You?

By KP Palmer, Guest Contributor

There isn’t just one type of battle buddy.

Some of us have relied on the same one over the years, while others have experienced a revolving door of different types of these amazing people. What helps us survive this challenging military life is the reality that there is ALWAYS a battle buddy lined up and ready to serve.

When it is time for our service members to deploy, we know exactly who to call!

What Type Of Battle Buddy Are You?

10 Battle Buddies Ready For Deployment: Which One Are You?

The Drill SGT. This battle buddy is the one who makes us face the truth and sometimes, the truth isn’t pretty!


They are always ready to give us the kick we need to start that diet, get to the gym, volunteer or apply for the job.

They keep us from doing too much, motivate us when we try and hide, and they make sure we don’t go to the commissary on pay day.

The Alexa.


This battle buddy can answer almost any question and keeps us squared away with reminders of when permission slips or taxes are due. They are up to date on everything from local events to the latest Tricare policies.

They know obscure things from how long we can leave a child unsupervised to the best place to order gifts.

The Spiritual Guru.There are times when loneliness and stress get the better of us and when we are feeling overwhelmed, we can always fill up our cups with the help of our Spiritual Guru battle buddy.

Whether armed with some inspirational scripture or a cup of green tea and essential oils, this battle buddy recognizes your need for self-care. Self-care is not the same for everyone and your Spiritual Guru knows what you need.

This battle buddy feeds your soul!


The Lorelei. This battle buddy is ready at any moment to grab a cup of coffee and offer witty repertoire to take our minds off our problems.

The talk can be serious or lighthearted, but there is always constant chatter and the latest coffee infusion. And by infusion, we mean strong coffee with NO side of judgment.

Just like a good Gilmore Girl, “If you lead, she will follow.”


The Mary Poppins. That person that takes our kids when we are ready to sell them on Ebay.


That angel of a friend who loves to hold babies or plan outings for surly teenagers. They show up when we are craving solitude or just need time to run an errand. They never complain or expect a favor in return.

The TED Talker. Like most TED Talks, the time spent with these battle buddies may not be long but the powerful thought-provoking time is just enough!

These are the inquisitive buddies we go to when need an “out of the box” approach to the same old problems.


This is the battle buddy we need when we are stuck for fundraising ideas or a theme for a unit event.

They are excited about new ideas and projects and their message is always REAL. They may not have all the answers, but these charismatic battle buddies can help us find our grit.

The “Real Housewife of Fort Anywhere.” When we need to focus on something a little less serious than everyday life, who else but a “Real Housewife” can get us out of the house and focused on shopping!

Whether it’s a run to the outlet mall or hunting for a bargain at the thrift store, this battle buddy doesn’t disappoint (or discourage).

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This is the buddy (if stationed in Germany) that convinces us that a six-hour drive across the border to Poland (to get yet another piece of pottery) is the best idea ever, and they will be at our door (passport in hand) by 4 a.m. the next day.


The Fat Amy. Our Rebel Wilson-worthy friend who knows that sometimes we need more than a little shopping to decompress and they are happy to plan it!

They organize the party, make sure we let our hair down, and provide at least 25 ways to laugh. Whether the event is a movie, dinner, night of dancing or a weekend away, this battle buddy is there to make sure we let off some steam.


The Netflix Binge Buddy.

This battle buddy shows up on our doorstep with Milk Duds and a bottle of our favorite beverage. She lets us pick the binge fest. There is no judgment on how many episodes or the genre. The Netflix Binge Buddy is down with whatever we need to watch to escape this deployment.


The Break Glass. The ultimate in battle buddies.

The Break Glass battle buddy is the fire extinguisher behind the glass. We all will eventually need to “break the glass” during the deployment.


Whether it is an ER visit, preschool pick-up or just an unforeseen emergency, this “ride or die” buddy is there.

No questions asked, just immediate response in any and every situation.

No problem is too big (or too small) and no distance too great. They may not be involved in much of our day-to-day activities, but when we need them, they never flinch when we say things like “My water just broke, can you be in the room with me?” or “I can’t find my car.”

The Break Glass battle buddy is indispensable.

What Type Of Battle Buddy Are You?

Over the years, we have built our own force of people who support us. We may have just one or many battle buddies in our own army, but we must remember to hold them close to our hearts.

Military life is much better when we bring our battle buddies along for the deployment ride.

KP Palmer is a high school teacher, coach, adoptive/foster parent and a proud Army wife of 21 yearsKP Palmer is a high school teacher, coach, adoptive/foster parent and a proud Army wife of 21 years. She is currently living in Carlisle, Penn., volunteering with the Spouse Project for the Army War College Class of 2018 by championing the Might Military Spouse. She feels blessed everyday to be a part of the military community!



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