Back-to-School Time Gives Me All the Feels

Back-to-School Time Gives Me All the Feels

There is just something about fresh sneakers and newly sharpened pencils that gives me tingles. Now, maybe it’s because I’m a teacher, but I think it’s more than that.

Back-to-School Time Gives Me All the Feels

August and September have always meant one thing to me:

a new start.

A new grade, new clothes, new shoes, new backpack and, yes, new school supplies. Everything is new! I had a chance to be a new me. The mistakes of the last academic year were long behind me and I could start all over again.

It didn’t matter if math was tough or if my friend group had changed around a little bit.

On the first day of school, I would be shiny and clean and ready to conquer the world with my newness.

I would be wearing clothes that screamed “I just bought these at the mall!” And my sneakers would be unscuffed. It was a chance to change it all up: popularity, grades and life.

Today, just walking down the aisles of school supplies makes me feel a little bit giddy. All those nice, clean pink erasers. The beautiful boxes of crayons. The folders with puppies and kittens. Stop! I want to get them all!

Plus, it’s also dorm decoration season. Which means that all my favorite big box stores and home decor catalogs have so many fun and cute things. Have you seen the shelving or storage options lately? When you move as much as we do, you’ve got to have flexible storage that is also slightly eye-pleasing.

Military life gives us that same opportunity every few years or so: we get to start fresh in a new place.

The fact that these moves usually happen in the summer, right before back-to-school season starts, is yet another reason for me to jump for joy.

After ditching all of my used-up and worn-out stuff pre-move, I now get to restock post-move. Bring on those newly sharpened pencils!

From clothes to office supplies, from storage to decor, back-to-school shopping has me covered from every angle to beat back the PCS blues.

Yes, that sounds terrible and materialistic. But really, after the movers have destroyed or lost so many things, a girl can enjoy a little retail therapy, right?

Now, everything is fresh again. I feel like I can conquer the world, fully armed with new storage solutions and packs of sticky notes. After mistakes and maybe tough times at the last “home,” this home can be a new start for anything I need it to be. I can address issues in my marriage, try to change how I parent or look for a new job. I could even finally sort through seasons worth of clothing that has been sitting, untouched, in boxes from 2 moves ago.

There is nothing that I cannot do, now that fall is here!

So, with my new clothes and my box of sharpened pencils, here I am. I am ready to start new, to start fresh and to reinvent myself. I feel confident that whatever was dogging me over the last academic year can be left there.

The air is crisp-ish, the possibilities are endless.

I am dressed for Day 1, ready to conquer the world. Or at least fifth grade.

How do you feel about the back-to-school season? Are you ready to make a fresh start? What changes do you have planned for this fall? 



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