Attention New Moms: It’s OK!

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Sad Princess image compliments of Kara S.

When you become a new mom, there are things people will tell you that will happen as result of bringing baby home…

You’ll lose sleep.

You’ll get spit up on right when you’re leaving the house.

The baby will cry and nothing you do will get him to stop.

You know, the usual stuff.

But over the first 2 months of my daughter’s life, I am discovering that experienced parents do not tell you about everything that will happen as you settle into your new mommy role.

Since we’re all friends here, I am going to do you a solid and tell you some of the things that I am experiencing as a new mom that nobody bothered telling me (or you).

4 Things Nobody Tells New Moms About

New Mom Need To Know 1: You’ll Lose Your Baby In Your Own House

Where’s the baby?  During the first few weeks, if not months, you will be tired.  Duh.  We know that.   But I bet nobody told you that you’ll be such a zombie that you’ll actually forget where your baby is, like when you randomly have a panic attack because your baby is not safe in your arms and you have no idea where she is.   After hunting all over, you find her in her bassinet…but you don’t remember putting her there. You can thank lack of sleep for that one!

New Mom Need To Know 2: Babies Are Slippery Little Suckers

Babies are definitely slippery when wet.  I used to say that if I could bathe a cat, I could bathe anything. Then came bathing a baby. Babies are slippery, wiggly, squirmy, crying little things; especially during the transfer period from tub to towel.

And you know what? One wrong wiggle or squirm and down goes the baby…unless you have cat like reflexes…which you will develop as a consequence of events like bath time. Until your baby gets used to bathing process, there is an increased risk of dropping – or coming close to it – your precious little one.

New Mom Need To Know 3: Stuff Will Fall On Your Baby And You Will Feel Like Crap

Watch out for falling objects! No matter how meticulous you are with your baby and how much attention you pay to making sure that everything is out of reach of your sweet bundle, something will fall on her.

And she will scream something awful and look at you with the saddest face you’ve ever seen.  Her face will ask, “How could you?”

And you will feel like the worst parent in the world for not moving your bottle of conditioner to the other end of the house while you bathed your squirmy princess.

New Mom Need To Know 4: You Might Cut Your Baby’s Finger And You Will Cry

Watch out for sharp objects!  I am envious of how fast my daughter’s finger nails grow. But with that comes the need to frequently cut her delicate nails…those tiny, paper thin, delicate nails. Sneak attacking while they are sleeping is the best way to get in a quick trim, but they still wiggle around in their sleep. But one wrong wiggle and you see blood.

That’s right.  Blood.

You will clip the tip of their finger accidentally and you will want to die.  Your little baby, the one you are charged with to keep safe from injury,  will shriek and cry and refuse to look at you in the eye.   All of a sudden, you’re balling while clutching them in your arms apologizing over and over and over again.

Despite New Mom Trauma Drama You’re Still A Great Mom!

We know how scary being a new mom can be, but remember even if your conditioner falls on your baby, you accidentally nip your bundles fingertip, or you find yourself unsure of how baby made it to their crib you are still a great mom!

In my Princess’ 2 months of life, I have cried with her for things I have done. I have lowered my head in shame just assuming that strangers around me know how bad of a mom I am. Then I hear these magical words: “I’ve done that too!” or “That’s nothing compared to…”

So moms, breathe easy this year! Don’t let the pressure of being Super Mom get to you. Know that you are doing the best that you can and accidents happen. Enjoy this time with your little one; it won’t last for long.  Make sure you  find mom-friends you can laugh with about the silly things you’ve done (but really cried about when we did them).

Have you experienced any other things that nobody ever told you about when you became a new mom or dad?  What would you add to our list?  Share them with us below!


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