Welcome to the ASQ (Anonymous Stupid Question) Box

ASQ BOXStupid questions.  We’ve all got them.  We don’t want to ask them.  But we really DO want the answers.  When it comes to military life and military spouse-dom, we’ve got a ton of questions and sometimes we’re just too embarrassed to ask.

What does LES stand for?  AOR?  EFMP? RIF?

Can I kiss my wife when she’s in uniform?

Do I have to join the spouse club?

Is mandatory fun really mandatory?

Class Six?  Oh, who are we kidding, we all know the last one.

But you get the point.

One person’s stupid question is another person’s Hail Mary.  And in the case of the interwebs, one person’s stupid question often becomes fodder that incites the webmob and rains down judgement on the asker.

No bueno.

Which brings us to the ASQ Box…the Anonymous Stupid Question box.

You’ve got questions and we’ve got a community of readers who can answer it.  Nicely.  Because that’s what we do here at NextGen MilSpouse.  And if it’s a stupid question…a really stupid question…don’t worry…nobody will know it’s you that asks it, unless you out yourself.

Submit Your Question to NextGen MilSpouse’s ASQ Box

So what are you waiting for?  Ask us your ASQ below!

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