Are You Making These 6 Rookie Mistakes With Your Passwords? #LionLock #LockItDown

Rookie PasswordsIf I had a nickel for every password I’ve had to come up with I’d be rich. Okay, so maybe not, but I’d have in the area of 2-3 bucks. I don’t know about you but back before LionLock sank it’s claws in me and asked us to help evangelize about the virtues password security, I had a password I like to call Ol’ Trusty.

Ol’ Trusty originated back in 1999 and existed in several iterations of splicing in years, capital letters, and a few well-placed punctuation marks. But as the internet grew and changed and hackers got tougher and smarter, Ol’ Trusty got rusty.

As it turned out, Ol’ Trusty wasn’t quite as trustworthy as I needed my online passwords to be. Ol’ Trusty was a rookie password full of rookie password mistakes like these:

 1. Using Your Name and/or Your Personal Information as Password

 Your nickname + your birth year = Rookie Password

 When you use your name and personal info to build a password, you’re just inviting a hacker over for milk and cookies (and unrestricted account access).

 2. Using a Password Comprised of all Numbers, Letters, or Predictable Patterns

1234567890 is not a secure password. Nor is QWERTY. And 0987654321 isn’t any better either.

 If you want to keep your accounts secure, you’ve gotta get craftier with your passwords. Not feeling so creative? LionLock actually has a random password generator included with all of its accounts.

3. Using the Same Password Across Multiple Accounts

Would you key your house, cars, office, and uh, other things you lock up with the same key? I’m not going to lie, as awesome as it sounds in theory, it’s not a great risk management strategy. Keep it fresh, keep it new, and kept it secure with a variety of passwords.

Worried about having to remember that crazy string of password-security-awesomeness? Never fear! LionLock will store your Secret away in a vault and give you easy access whenever you need to access your account.

 4. Saving Passwords in Your Browser

I am so, so, SO guilty of this. So guilty. It took awhile to break myself of the habit of storing passwords in my browser…seriously…who doesn’t like saving time? After a few weeks of using LionLock, I did break that habit. After all, why store my passwords in my not-so-secure browser when I can store my Secrets in super-secure vaults, am I right? Right.

 5. Giving Out Your Password Like Candy to Strangers

You get my password! You get my password! You get my password! You do NOT want to be the Oprah of giving away your passwords on sticky notes and spreadsheets and in emails and chat windows. Wouldn’t it be nicer to just store your passwords in one secure location and then grant user individual access to the Secrets you want to share? Yep, you can do that too with LionLock.

 6. Not Going To The #LockItDown Twitter Party on April 23 at 8:30pm EST with @adlupher and @ArmyWives 101.

$150 in cash prizes and an amazing conversation about keeping your online identity safe and secure? Sign me up, right?!


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