Are You in on the 52 Week Money Challenge?


dreamstimefree_35120The 52 Week Money Challenge is all the rage across the interwebs and we’re dying to know if you’re participating in the money saving madness!  The New Year is the perfect time for any and all resolutions and why not add saving a little bit of cash to your new year to-do list? In case your curious, the 52 Week Money Challenge originated via a Facebook group created by Kassondra Perry-Moreland in early 2013.  Struggling to figure out how she hadn’t managed to save money during her adult life, she felt compelled to make a change.  According to an article in Black Enterprise,

“She stumbled upon an image that outlined a 52 week savings challenge. It seemed simple enough.  Each week you deposit the number of that week into a savings account. For example, the 1st week of 2013, you would deposit $1.00 into the savings account. Week 2, you would deposit $2. Week 3, $3 and so on. The largest deposit ends up being $52.00 and that will be the very last week of 2013. At the end, you would have amassed $1,378.”

Once the savings challenge hit social media, I guess you could say that the rest is history!

52 Week Money Challenge Remixed

Nothing gets me more pumped than remix, especially if you’re talking about ice cream (like Birthday Cake Remix), a hot song (like Work It by Missy Elliot), or saving money.  Okay maybe the saving money remix is a bit of stretch….so sue me. If you’re anything like me, I need my money saving to be easy and carefree.  One of the downsides to the weekly savings challenge is remembering to set aside your money every single week. Do you really want to participate but can’t envision remembering to make weekly deposits?  Here are a couple of remixes on the 52 week savings challenge:

Word up!  Get your weeklies right!  Semiweekly is twice a month.  Biweekly is every two weeks or twice a week.

52 Week Remix 1: Graduated Semiweekly Deposits

graduated semiweekly 52

52 Week Remix 2: Equal Semiweekly Deposits

equal semiweekly 52

52 Week Remix 3: Equal Monthly Deposits

equal monthly 52

Put Your Savings On Autopilot

If you opt for one of the equal deposit remixes and couple it with an automatic transfer or savings plan with your bank, you’ve got the perfect recipe for savings success! Still not sure how you can use the 52 week savings challenge to pad your wallet and make amazing things happen in your finances?  Check out my post unlocking the power behind this viral savings movement.



  1. My wife and I are just fine with the standard 52 week savings challenge. But, we needed a savings account to do it. I opened one for us at CapitalOne360 and it’s completely free. No minimums, no fees, and 0.75% interest on the account. I even got a bonus for opening a new account.


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