Are you a Foodie Parent? Save money using these tips and the Out to Eat With Kids App!

As a foodie parent, grabbing a bite out on the town can get expensive fast!  Luckily, at last year’s Type-A Parent Conference, I met up with Jennifer Bilbro, founder and CEO of one of my favorite foodie apps just for parents: Out to Eat With Kids.  Out to Eat With Kids is THE resource for families who are seeking to dine out economically and healthfully with their families.

All you have to do is pop in your zip-code, determine your traveling range, pick the day of the week you plan to head out on the town, and Bob’s your uncle, you get a list of restaurants offering kids eat free programs and healthy dining options for kids in your local community (or even when you’re on the go).  Don’t believe me?  Take it for a spin:

You can grab the free app for Andriod systems here or for your iPhone here.

5 Easy Money Saving Tips to Save Money When Dining Out With or Without Your Kids

Skip the Soda (and Beer, Wine, and other Poisons)

Seriously, water is free and non-water drinks are crazy expensive…okay, not crazy, but pricey.  And if you’re a parent, do what I do.  You get your kiddo’s fountain drink that comes with the kid’s meal and the kids get the water.  Problem solved.

Make Date Night into Date Afternoon

You do still make time for dates, right?  The thing I love about a day date is that lunch portions are more in line with my appetite and we spend less for some of our favorite meals at our local hotspots.

Split An Entrée

The more on my plate, the more I eat.  So, to combat overeating and overspending, Homeskillet and I will split an entree with each other or with each of the girls.  And another reason to split with the kids?  Who doesn’t get tired of the mac-n-cheese, hotdog, hamburger, chicken nugget kid’s meal staples?  Let your kids try new things without dishing big bucks for the adult portion size.

Use Social Coupons

Make sure you read the fine print and know what you’re buying…caveat emptor and all that jazz, you can really scrounge up some great deals on meals.  For reals.  <made myself giggle>

Save Snazzy For Date Night

Sometimes it’s just not worth the headache to hit a snazzy restaurant with the kiddos in tow.  I’ve learned this lesson the hard way from my children.  Rather than waste the money on a total wash of a meal, not to mention the stress headache that comes when your child launches her fork clear across the dining room, just stay home.  It will save you heartache and money.

How do you save money on dining out on the town?  Share your tips with us below:



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