April 2013: Everything Is Temporary

timeTime is such a fickle thing. When we’re eagerly awaiting something new and exciting, time takes its sweet time.  When we’re desperately trying to hold on to a moment, it zooms past us without a second look back, leaving you wondering where it all went.

Everything we do, from the way we live to where we live to who we spend our time with is tagged with an expiration date.  You know that old cliche the only sure thing in life is death and taxes?

As military spouses, the only sure thing in our lives is the fact that everything is temporary.   

Last year around this time, I was on the phone with my mom in a total panic about the state of my professional identity.  I had hit meltdown.  I was underemployed working part time for a nonprofit that couldn’t pay me my worth.  I was too loyal to leave despite how miserable I felt.  I started playing options and even considered returning to school.  I was offered funding, teaching opportunities, but the commute, time commitment, and child care costs were more than I was willing to shoulder.

I remember ranting (and raving) to my mom: Who was going to hire me after I’d been gone so long?  Would I be irrelevant?  Am I wasting my education? How could I justify working for peanuts when I still had student loans to pay?

In her own milspouse wisdom she told me, “It’s only for a little while.  You’ll get your moment.  If you want it, you’ll make it happen.”

She went on to tell me how fast it all goes.  How my dad’s retirement crept on her.  That a 20 year career was a drop in the bucket.  “Just wait,” she said.  “You’ll see.”

A year later, and I still think back on that conversation.  She was right.  Almost everything in life is “only for a little while.”  A year later and I’m somewhere totally different both personally and professionally.  And a year from now?  I’ll be somewhere different geographically (and personally and professionally, too).

Everything is Temporary, For Better or For Worse

Almost everything we face, whether it’s tied to our military lifestyle or not is one, big heaping bowl of temporary.  We know that…

– Deployments DO eventually end
– You don’t have to live somewhere F O R E V E R
– An old friend moves away, (and a new one moves in)
– Your children will eventually sleep through the night (and so will you)

Thank goodness, right?!

This month we’ll share our best practices for powering though temporary challenges and living life’s sweetest moments to the fullest.  And speaking of life’s sweetest moments, we’ll also be focusing on relationship topics from ways to help you keep the sizzle in your love life to making new friends with every move and everything in between.

What keeps you grounded and focused amidst the ups and downs of life?   Are you struggling to find consistency in your nomadic lifestyle?  Tell us your best tips for making the most of every moment!


  1. Oh man, just sitting down and allowing myself to take in a moment changes so much. It’s hard to fight that urge to get up and go do something, but the results that come from just being still and being are amazing.


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