AMPLIFY 2016 Is a Game Changer for Military Spouse Employment

AMPLIFY 2016 Is a Game Changer for Military Spouse Employment

In Gear Career for Military Spouses is hosting their inaugural career intensive, AMPLIFY 2016, on October 11-12, 2016, at the USO Warrior & Family Care Center on Fort Belvoir and you need to be there. Apply now.

If you’re a career-driven military spouse, AMPLIFY 2016 presented by In Gear Career for Military Spouses is the career intensive you’ve been waiting for. Oh, and it’s free.

Forget death by PowerPoint. Shove your old, tired resume aside. Stop trying to take the perfect professional selfie. And for the love of all that is holy, slowly back away from your LinkedIn profile.

At AMPLIFY 2016 you WILL walk away with…

your resume…AMPLIFIED,

your LinkedIn profile…AMPLIFIED,

your professional headshot…you guessed it…AMPLIFIED,

and a network of more than 25 fellow military spouses, mentors and industry leaders in your corner.


AMPLIFY 2016 Is a Game Changer for Military Spouse Employment

Sneak Peek at In Gear Career’s AMPLIFY 2016 Sessions

One of the things we are most excited about is that In Gear Career is pushing the envelope on what the conversation around military spouse careers and employment should look like.

Here are a few sessions we’re really excited to see on the AMPLIFY 2016 schedule:

Get It All Out & Get To Work
This session will explore challenges faced by military spouses when trying to maintain a career. We want to address the elephant(s) in the room and get it all out there. Once we’ve identified the challenges and got our frustrations off our chests we can truly get to work!

Resumes in the 21st Century + Resume Lab
Traditional resume workshops are important, but we want to talk about what resumes REALLY need to look like. What should they truly say? How does your resume represent you? How does technology play into resumes today?

Making It Work When You Both Work Lunch
This panel will look at strategies for military families where both adults are working full-time. Communication tactics, experiences of a geo-bachelor(ette), a family where the stay-at-home parent is returning to the workforce and more.

Why Does Everything Have to Be in D.C.?

Good point.

Also, my daughter asks this question every time I’m traveling for work.

Washington, D.C., is pretty much headquarters for everything related to the big-picture military community. For AMPLIFY 2016 and In Gear Career for Military Spouses, Washington, D.C., is home to their mothership, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Hiring Our Heroes Program.

This year’s AMPLIFY Career Intensive is the first of its kind and it’s easier to pull off something revolutionary on your own turf. If this one goes as amazingly as we think it will, rumor has it that In Gear Career for Military Spouses and Hiring Our Heroes may take this show to a road near you.

Why You Need to Consider Traveling to Attend AMPLIFY 2016

Let’s get real. When you have to travel to attend something amazing, all of a sudden that amazing thing doesn’t seem that, well, amazing any more. We get it. At the same time, traveling for professional development has the potential to pay off big (i.e. help you get that job you always wanted).

Before you rule out applying for AMPLIFY 2016 consider this:

  • This is not a holiday. This is professional development.
  • Taking the time to invest in yourself, et al can pay off big time in your job hunt.
  • Meeting 25 career-gung-ho military spouses means you score a direct connection to 25 different, global networks.




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