About NextGen MilSpouse

What is NextGen MilSpouse™?

NextGen MilSpouse is the online destination for today’s military spouse. We deliver fresh perspectives on entrepreneurship, small business development, remote work, personal finance, and relationships from our dynamic team of military spouse thought leaders via our website, social channels and our weekly newsletter. Our writing team is working together to tell the story of what it means to be a military spouse entrepreneur today.



Our Mission

If there’s anything military spouses hear WAY too much or WAY too little, depending on our community, it’s THE MISSION.

Well, guess what?

NextGen MilSpouse has a mission and our mission is YOU.

We know that you’re not sitting at home patiently waiting for life to happen…you are making life happen. You embrace various roles, wear many hats and are constantly juggling life. As a NextGen MilSpouse you know how to repeatedly reinvent your career, pack the house for a transoceanic move, pay the bills, fix the clogged sink and keep on rolling with whatever challenge comes your way. When you have a question, a problem, or are looking for a little guidance, we are here. Our mission is to be your trusted source of information, news and advice regarding all things military spouse entrepreneurship.

As cultural shifts within the military community continue, our mission will remain the same: provide an avenue for military spouses to show that they are anything but dependent.

Our Opinion

We are a nonpartisan online magazine that encourages military spouses to engage in the political process. We support military spouses seeking elected office at any level.

We believe in the core principle that, as milspouses, we are all stronger together. Regardless of our gender, orientation, culture, religion or life choices, we are all in the same boat. Our stories, our voices, our experiences…they count. They matter. We matter.

Our Team

NextGen MilSpouse’s contributors are the best of today’s milspouse entrepreneurs, influencers, and writers working together to tell the multidimensional story of military spouse experiences.

Our Invitation

This convo isn’t one-way. We want to listen. We want to offer a virtual hug or a glass of wine. You’re never alone at NextGen MilSpouse. You’re among friends.

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