9 Ways to Incorporate Self Care into your Daily Work from Home Routine


This post is sponsored by Promix Nutrition.  All thoughts and opinions are those of Next Gen Milspouse.

Military spouses excel at adapting and overcoming most situations, and working remotely is just the latest challenge. Although it comes with incredible benefits, working from home means adding yet another hat to your already impressive repertoire. 

I was a military spouse for 7.5 years, and as a work-from-home freelance writer, I have ghostwritten 14 personal development books for business owners. Here are tried-and-true tips recommended by these entrepreneurs.

9 Self-Care Strategies for Success


  • Set the tone the night before. Have a plan for what you want to accomplish the following day. If you have kids, remind them that you’ll be working, but together you will do a specific activity that they can look forward to. If you want to start your day with a morning workout, lay out your clothes (or sleep in them), and have a glass of water by your bedside to hydrate upon waking. You can even add an inspiring label to your alarm on your phone to see when you wake.
  • Get enough sleep. To ease into sleep, give your screen time a break. Instead, dim your lighting, read, write, listen to music, connect with your spouse, and consider using white noise while you sleep to create a serene environment. 
  • Start your day on your terms. One tip all the entrepreneurs that I’ve ghostwritten for recommend is to not check your phone first thing in the morning. Instead, set your intentions for your day. This could mean some meditation, light reading, a workout, or even a quiet cup of your favorite beverage before your kids wake up. 
  • Complete your tasks first. As soon as you start checking emails, you are thinking of what you need to do for others. Work on your goals first before replying, so that your to-do list is closer to completion rather than growing in size, which can increase stress. 
  • Schedule your work in blocks. If you don’t have to work on a set schedule, working in blocks for even two hours at a time can increase productivity. Make sure you mitigate distractions, including silencing your phone, closing social media tabs, and even putting a “do not disturb” sign your door when you’re in go mode.
  • Plan breaks for fun. If you have children, it helps to be concrete. If they know certain break times and upcoming activities in advance, it will help them know what to expect. If you tell them what time lunch will be, or what time you will watch a movie, play a board game, or bake with them, it will accomplish a couple of things. Having something special planned each day will help your children know what to expect and can help alleviate the “I’m working” guilt.
  • Nourish yourself and your family. Have healthy grab-and-go items for when you’re busy and your kids are hungry. The last thing you need is a complicated meal and sugared up kids during your conference call. Instead, offer them balanced nutrition, simple ingredients, and great taste for kids on the go. All Promix Kids products are gluten-free. They offer favorites like Tigey Bars, made of carob with no added sugar that come with an adorable Tigey coloring page for the kids, and their delicious Protein Puff Bars in Vanilla Chocolate Chip and Snickerdoodle have 10 grams of complete protein, are made in a peanut-free facility, and taste just like a traditional marshmallow treat! Better yet? You can grab these at a 10% military discount! Check out these tasty, healthy options so you’re prepared when your kids say, “I’m hungry. I want a snack.”

  • Set a stop time. Set a “quitting time” in your day and adhere to this boundary. Otherwise, your work brain will never turn off, and you’ll constantly be distracted with a foot in each world. You and your family will appreciate this.
  • Do something for you. Make a list of at least one thing you can do for yourself daily. Ideas include a hot bath, listen to music, a book, or a podcast, binge watch a favorite show, talk to a friend via video chat, shut yourself in your room, take a walk or jog, drive with windows down and music up, or enjoy a delicious smoothie with frozen fruit and your favorite protein powder from Promix. You are worth it.


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