9 Ways for Milspouses To “Glow Up” Their LinkedIn


Hey milspouse, when was the last time you gave some love to your LinkedIn? If you have to think about it, odds are it hasn’t been updated since living at your last duty station. We get it — between being a professional and holding down the homefront, it’s easy to let things like this slide. Today is the perfect day to give it some love!

Why LinkedIn Is Worth Your Attention

LinkedIn offers a glimpse into who you are as a professional, as a freelancer, as a business owner, or as an employee. It provides an updated, clear, professional representation of who you are and why others should hire you, collaborate with you, or choose your products. LinkedIn is an essential part of your online presence. 

As military spouses, frequent moves mean changing jobs, starting from scratch, or securing new clients. Dedicate time to your LinkedIn for a beneficial return on your investment, no matter where the military sends you.

9 Tricks to Glow Up Your LinkedIn Profile


  • Use quality images. Do you have a professional headshot? Does your photo still look like you? If it’s time for a redo, hire a professional, recruit a friend, or work the portrait mode on your phone. Use your updated photo on your business cards, website, and other social media for a cohesive effect. Don’t be afraid to use a photo app such as YouCam Perfect, and consider brightening your picture up. Also, don’t skip a cover photo! Make a graphic with keywords about what you offer, your web address, or social media handles.
  • Update your current position. Is your current job or location represented, or is the information out of date? Be sure to include your recent and current employers and positions, or a new title if you’ve recently rebranded yourself.
  • Select key buzzwords. Under your name on your profile, list keywords that provide a quick look into what you do. For example: Freelance Writer | Content Creator | Social Media Manager | Veteran Advocate.
  • Add recent awards, skills, and degrees. Have you recently been honored with an award, received a degree, or become certified in a new skill? Ensure that your profile reflects those accolades.
  • Include relevant volunteer experience. Volunteering counts! Many employers and collaborators view your willingness to volunteer as a plus, and it may open doors at your current or next duty station.
  • Set a connection goal. Would you love to hit that “500+ connections” mark? Set a goal of friending new professionals on a daily or weekly basis.Inviting just ten new people a week will exponentially increase your connections and you may discover the right people in the right field at the right duty station.
  • Participate in your feed. Social media isn’t a spectator sport. Like and comment on posts, join groups, and read articles relevant to your goals. Share your own content, tag others, and use hashtags to improve your visibility. 
  • Seek and write recommendations. It’s one thing to tell the world how wonderful you are, and it’s another to have someone else do it. Reach out to former colleagues, bosses, collaborators, or volunteer supervisors and ask for a recommendation. Pay it forward and write recommendations as well.
  • Stay active and relevant. As with all social media, you can’t be stagnant if you want to be noticed. Add the LinkedIn app to your phone with notifications, and respond to comments and messages.


What are your favorite LinkedIn tricks?




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