9 Need-to-Know Sites for Temp, Contract and Freelance Work

Bryant Park, late Apr 2009 - 21Do any of these statements apply to you?

–  You can’t find your dream job where you are currently stationed.
–  You have an idea of what you want to do but no experience doing it.
–  You’ve been contemplating a change to your career but aren’t sure you’d really like it.
–  You just want to get out of the house.
–  You’d like a little extra cash.
–  You know that you are only going to be stationed at a place for a year or less.

Most likely, one or all of these statements have applied to you at some point in your life. In each of the cases above, temporary, contract and freelance work can provide the almost-perfect answer. Unfortunately, not enough of military spouses are utilizing these types of opportunities to enhance their career development.

What makes these already under-utlized employment resources even more confusing is the seemingly unending scams. To combat this growing problem, I’ve compiled a list of 9 resources every military spouse should have in his or her short-term employment toolkit.

 9 Resources For Your Military Spouse Employment Toolkit.

Temp Job Resources

1. Net-temps.com – I like this resource because it allows you to search temp jobs by industry or state and has access to career advice and tips. When you complete a search though, make sure you select the option to bypass uploading your resume and information if you only want to see the results.

2. Hiremennow.com – The first online temporary employment marketplace, you don’t need to go to a brick-and-mortar staffing agency to seek temp work anymore! After you sign-up, you have the ability to set your desired wages, upload a video resume, take skills tests and review who is looking at your information.

Freelance and Contract Work Resources

3. Guru.com – On this site you can create a profile that showcases your skills, from academic writing to website coding. You then search for projects and create proposals in order to get employers to hire you.

4. oDesk.com – Claiming to be the world’s largest and fastest-growing online workplace, this site is another opportunity for you to create a profile that showcases your skills and compete to get hired! 

5. elance.com – Another site for you to post a resume and your skills, find projects you would like to compete for and then get hired! Businesses may additionally ask you to submit a proposal if they like your profile. You can also use video conferencing to collaborate and ensure tasks get completed on time.

6. Flexjobs.com – I will tell you right off the bat that you can search for jobs for free, but to apply to jobs and take advantage of all of the resources, there is a subscription fee. I like the site because they screen the jobs, and the entire premise of the site is flexible work–whether that means telecommuting, freelance, part-time or flexible hours; however you have to decide if the cost (about $15 per month or $50 a year) is worth it for you.

7. authenticjobs.com – I like this site because you can search based whether you want full-time employment, internships, freelance work or contract employment.

8. logomyway.com – Having just completed a redesign on my logo and website, I see how valuable the skills of a qualified logo designer is! This site is great for milspouses who are skilled in designing and developing logos.

9. Peopleperhour.com – This site is neat because you can bid for jobs but also easily create a packed service that you complete within a set timeframe and for a set rate, called an “hourlie.”

My disclaimer: Each of the resources I’ve listed has its own unique pros and cons. I encourage you to check them out and explore for yourself in order to find the ones that will work best for you!


  1. There’s also problogger.net for writing jobs and Freelance Switch! Great article, Stacy!

  2. I’ve heard of a couple of these, but not all! Thanks! By the time I finish school and move to my man’s current spot, he’ll have less than a year to go and I’m worried about finding a job for such a short time! I’ll have to look into some of these sites to see what I can see.

  3. Great resources! I was reading a personal finance blog (Newlyweds on a Budget), and she was writing about how she manages to make a lot of money with her “side hustle.” Most of it is freelance work. And she makes bank. (I’m talking, 5,000 so far this year!) I’ve been wanting to look into it (that’s a lot of money to be had!), but I’ve also been too intimidated. Guess it’s time to just take the plunge.

    • Army Amy – I’m so glad the resources will help! Please let me know how it goes, and also what might help with getting over that intimidation.


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