8 Ways For Milspouse Creators To Take Amazing Product Photos With Their Smartphone

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A few years ago Time Magazine shot their “Women Who Are Changing The World” covers with an iPhone. Since then many publications have followed suit including Conde Nast, Seventeen, and Elle.

In 2020 with social distancing we’ve seen Twilight actor Robert Pattison shoot his own GQ cover, and supermodel Naomi Campbell take her own cover photo with an iPhone for Essence Magazine. Seeing people shoot for major outlets with their smartphone gives many of us hope that the ability to take great photos without having to buy a $500+ camera is a reality.

If you’re a military spouse who has launched a product-based business, amplifying your products on social media is a must. Images of your products are the first thing a potential customer will see. And, no matter how amazing your product is, if the picture doesn’t reflect it— you just might lose a sale.

In this article, we’ll show you how to take amazing photos with a few (mostly free) apps, things you already at home, and some simple items from Amazon.

Check out the tips below to make bad lighting and pixelated photos a thing of the past.


Natural daylight is your best friend and best of all it is free! You can get a nice clean shot in almost any part of a room that has good lighting. Just make sure not to shoot the item with the light behind it, or else you’ll end up with a hazy look over your photo.

You should also avoid using the flash option when using natural light.

If the area you are shooting in lacks proper lighting, Amazon also sells photo boxes like this one for under $15 that comes with lighting and backgrounds for the perfect shot.


You don’t have to be an Adobe Photoshop pro to have amazing edited shots.

There are countless apps on the market for editing photos that are easy to use, and that will give you those Instagram worthy looks.

VSCO– is one of the most highly recommended photo editing apps. It’s free, and you only pay if you want additional filters.

Adobe Lightroom– While many beginners associate Adobe with being complicated, their Lightroom app is anything but. With a few easy adjustments, you can make faded or bad photos come to life. If you ever download preset filters, you will need Adobe Lightroom to use them. This app is also free and has additional in-app purchases.

PicMonkey– PicMonkey is one of my favorites because it has easy tools for editing people. PicMonkey gives you the option to remove those pesky blemishes or even cinch in your waist a little.

If filters and presets aren’t your thing though, a little adjustment of the photo’s brightness and contrast does wonders and can be done in all of the above apps at no cost.


The great thing about backgrounds is they are everywhere, and many cool things can be turned into a them. However, sometimes you need a specific type of background.

The photo studio in a box (we mentioned above) is not only great for lighting, but for clean backgrounds, where the item is the center of attention. You can also use plain white posterboard or patterned posterboard for flat lays.

Food and items that can lay flat or can have their photo taken from above work well on poster board. Some photos won’t work on a flat lay option though and may need a little texture. For those, you can simply use photo background paper or cloth. There are hundreds of photo backdrops to choose from.

Other Tools, Do’s and Don’t

Tripod– Phones can be utilized with tripods too and they’re super inexpensive. Some of them even come with remotes, so you don’t have to run back and forth between your shot and the phone.

Zooming– Avoid using it too much. It can cause your images to be blurry and unclear when they show up on the screen.

Angles– are everything!  Test different angles from different sides and heights. They can put a photo in a whole new perspective.

iPhone Users– Use the portrait mode. It’s a great way to make the subject of your photo stand out, and the background less of a distraction.



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