8 Valentine’s Day Gifts When Ain’t Nobody Got Time

8 Valentine's Day Gifts When Ain't Nobody Got Time

Like you, we know how much time you and your significant other don’t have to do things like, oh, remember to plan and buy gifts for Valentine’s Day, birthdays and anniversaries.

It doesn’t matter how many reminders I set to buy gifts and plan a nice evening out with my main squeeze, many a celebrations end up one of two ways:

  1. The standard dinner and a movie.
  2. Netflix and (forget to) chill…mainly because we fell asleep and reached a point in our relationship when sometimes sleep > sex.

Oh, and did I mention that we often fail to get each other gifts because…ain’t nobody got time to shop!

8 Valentine's Day Gifts When Ain't Nobody Got Time

Perfect Gifts to Give When Ain’t Nobody Got Time…

And, yes these are affiliate links. And yes, we get a few pennies when you click and purchase through these links. Because we know you ain’t got time to do all this damn research.

To buy the bacon, figure out how to serve the bacon and cook the bacon…HelloFresh

Personal chef? Probably not in the budget.

But HelloFresh is a heck of a lot more budget-friendly. See? We even have a code to help you save $35 on your first box. Use discount code “NGMSHappyHour” at checkout!

A side note: Our founder, Adrianna, is in her second week of HelloFresh and won’t shut up about it. Maybe you’ll like it as much as she does!

To take out time for themselves…a SpaFinder Gift Card


You ain’t got time to find a spa and go there and buy a gift card and bring it home. SpaFinder has a network of spas, yoga studios and more your lov-ah can visit and use their gift card.

You and I both know that she keeps saying, “All I really want is a a spa day” and all you keep hearing is “Blah, blah, want, blah, blah…squirrel!”

Get the damn gift card already. You’ll be a damn hero. Oh, and a good listener. Bonus!

To remember to buy razors…Dollar Shave Club

It’s a gift that keeps on giving, the whole year round. Also…it saves a butt-ton of money. Dollar Shave Club makes sure your man’s face or your woman’s legs are silky smooth and ready for some serious cuddles.


They have fun and snazzy shaving creams, lotions and potions you can add each month. Say goodbye to the stupid shaving cream can that leaves rust stains on the counter or in the tub.

To binge on television shows and have money for date night…Amazon Fire Stick

This is a bit of a trick. It’s called buy an Amazon Fire TV Stick so you can cut your cable cord so you can use that money to go on date night! Boom. Or Netflix and Chill/Sleep night. Right now, for the ultimate in binge-watching technology, Amazon even has a voice activated remote control.

To take care of their fitness…FitBit Surge

Ain’t nobody got time or money for an Apple Watch and the FitBit Surge is a budget-friendly second. Plus, we  know you ain’t got time to track your steps, check your heart rate, remember to eat and go to bed on time like an adult. Let the FitBit tell you what’s what.

To cut fancy coffee out of their lives…Nespresso


You can pry my Cinnamon Dolce Latte out of my dead cold hands…OR you can buy me this magical unicorn of a machine called a Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker. Fancy coffee on demand and a fraction of the price.

Not so fancy? Grab a Keurig instead and always be 45 seconds away from a steamy, hot cup of ain’t-nobody-got-time-to-take-an-afternoon-nap.

To read a book…a subscription to Audible

You want to read. You love to read. You ain’t got time to read…but you definitely have time to listen! Give your bookworm-y sweetheart a subscription to Audible so he can have his favorite books right in his earbuds. Just make sure you make eye contact when you’re trying to get his attention every day thereafter.

To remember to buy flowers any other friggin day of the year…BloomsyBox


Flowers once a year? Really? Up your romance A-game with flowers every SINGLE month. And you don’t even have to remember to go to the store! Bloomsy Box offers a monthly subscription service for small, medium and large bouquets delivered to your doorstep. Yes, please.

You’re welcome.




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