8 Deployment Truths Scarier Than Halloween

8 Deployment Truths Scarier Than HalloweenMy husband deploys a lot. Over the years, I have developed some very real and very funny fears about upcoming deployments. Not all of these have happened to me– like I’ve never danced on a table– but only because I fear #5 so much. I only dance drunk when my husband is present to carry me home. Safety first always.

Here is a list of lighthearted deployment truths with some serious spook factor:

  1. Deployment extensions…(these are definitely NOT funny and very scary.)
  2. Being invited IN PERSON to an in-home party from someone you’ve been avoiding for 6 months.
  3. Small talk at a military ball or holiday party you’re attending during deployment…ALONE.
  4. The day-after-call you get from your spouse asking how the ball and/or party went and you know that they know that someone’s wife told their husband that you were dancing on tables and taking tequila shots before you got to tell your husband. We need to develop a milspousecode ..let’s hashtag it… #milspousecode.
  5. How FAST word travels.
  6. Finding out your spouse is coming home from deployment 1 day early and the house is a mess, your beautification process is not finished and you still haven’t changed the oil in the car, only because you hadn’t started the car all deployment and the battery is dead.
  7. Going to pick up your now-early spouse from the airport only to get a call that he or she has been delayed an extra week.
  8. A week later…see number 6.Front view of a scared woman screaming with hands on head

Now that I’ve shared some of my horrifying yet funny deployment moments, what are some of yours? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. One of mine is while he’s overseas, his leave taking weeks or even months to get approved! We were playing the waiting game FOREVER and had a $$$ plane ticket waiting in the balance! I was soooooo scared that 1) I wouldn’t get to see my husband because his leave would get denied and 2) Worried about losing a very expensive plane ticket from Korea! AHHHHH!!!

    • Rachel! I know exactly what you mean! Seriously, why do we even both planning things anymore? I’m pretty sure I’m going to have an aneurism before I’m 35! lol

  2. Getting pregnant and having a child alone…happened to me 2 out of 3 times! Once he got extended that’s why he missed it(and we actually thought we planned that one out right!) What I have learned, never plan anything! Do everything on the spur of the moment! HAHA! That way you don’t have to wait for the bottom to drop out!


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