6 Must Have Items For A Transitional Military Home


Having moved 10 times in the last 8 years has given me a great appreciation for versatile furniture pieces that add instant style while functioning in a variety ways depending on my space, changing lifestyle and needs.  The following 6 pieces have done just that.

6 Pieces Every Military Home Should Have

Military Home Must Have #1: Coasters

On one of our trips I picked up a set of olive wood coasters, they remind me of our trip while adding a rustic warmth to our space that contrasts with our black painted furniture.

Military Home Must Have #2: Art

Before my husband and I left Little Rock, we commissioned a local artist to paint the city where we met and got engaged.  Have you ever considered investing in art?  Art can include professional photos of your family, antique rugs and travel finds.  This is about bringing life and personality to your space instantly.  What is it that you and your spouse mutually appreciate and love that is also easy to move?  This is about telling your story in your home.  (For more on that topic check out my website).  We had a lot of TDY’s over our first couple years of marriage, and I loved bringing at least one treasured find with me to personalize our many hotel rooms.

Military Home Must Have #3: Tray or Side Table

My husband and I picked up a vintage Italian tray at a local antique shop and have since added to our collection including a coordinating side table.  They get moved among our entry and dining room tables, coffee table and bedroom.  The side table gets moved among our reading chair, living room and bedroom, and even our bathroom at times.  By being small and lightweight they can vary in function even throughout the day and help “contain” visual clutter.

Military Home Must Have #4: Lamp

After picking up an antique lamp at an estate sale in high school, I was hooked on the quality, the great drum shades and the scale.  From my experience, in order to find all three in a new lamp required more money than I had at the time, and buying lamps that only lasted a couple months before they started tilting was not my preference.

Military Home Must Have #5: Chairs

When living in a 300 square foot guest house, I had a need for a reading and sitting chair for company.  The chair I purchased had great style, was ergonomic, extremely comfortable, and the style was universal.  I now use it as my office chair as well as guest chair and reading chair when needed.  Having a smaller scaled lounge chair is another recommendation, although we are still on the “hunt” for the perfect scale, comfort and style.   I know that eventually my patience will be rewarded.  A great lounge chair can transition from living room, bedroom, nursery, or reading nook with ease.

Military Home Must Have #6: Narrow Desk

When starting my first business I designed my own desk from an unused Ikea coffee table.  It was small and narrow, with simple legs.  It’s been used as a sofa table/desk combo, side table, bedside table/desk and entry table.  This is the most versatile piece of furniture I own.


What furniture has transitioned well for your family with each move?


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