6 Groups Advocating for Military Spouses You Need to Know

6 Groups Advocating for Military Spouses You Need to Know

Ever wonder who’s fighting the good fight to make positive changes for the military community?

From military spouse careers to social justice to well-being, these are 6 organizations we think every military spouse needs to know:

6 Groups Advocating for Military Spouses

American Military Partner Association

AMPA logo

When it comes to making historic change, the American Military Partner Association is on the frontlines advocating for military spouses of our LGBT service members.

Why We Love AMPA: Not only do they make waves that change lives, they are masters at building coalitions that embrace and model the idea that we are united as one military family. Don’t believe us? We have 3 words for you: AMPA Gala 2016. Be there.

Homefront Rising


Homefront Rising started as a one-day non-partisan workshop and has blossomed into an active online community that’s encouraging military spouses to run for office at the local, state and federal levels.

Why We Love Homefront Rising: Homefront Rising is a major step toward bridging the military-civilian divide. By empowering military spouses to engage in politics at every level, regardless of political party, the military community stands to gain some very motivated and vested leaders right where we need them.


independent logo

You know what makes for resilient military spouses? Military spouses who understand how important it is to make their health and well-being a priority. And that’s what InDependent is all about.

Why We Love InDependent: Because they get it. On October 19-24 they are offering a FREE, ONLINE Military Spouse Wellness Summit that and we quote “…brings you 10 expert interviews into the comfort of your own home. Yay for no childcare or missed work!

” See? We told you they get it. Go register now.

In Gear Career for Military Spouses

in gear squareIs your career mission impossible? In Gear Career for Military Spouses does this: IMPOSSIBLE.

Why We Love In Gear Career: Because they know you’re tired of job boards and online application portals (*gag*). What you need is someone actively educating the local industry leaders about why they need to take a chance on military spouse professionals coupled with regular local networking opportunities with people who have the authority to hire you. With IGC your military spouse career will be in gear in no time.

The MilSpo Project

milspo project logo

If you’re a military spouse who runs a business (like a bawse), it’s time to connect with The MilSpo Project for live leadership events, online educational resources and local chapter meetings.

Why We Love The MilSpo Project: Watching The MilSpo Project’s growth over the past 2 years has been breathtaking. We can’t wait to see what they do in the next 10 years.

Military Spouse JD Network

msjdn logo

Could you imagine having to pay hundreds of dollars to take the state bar exam with every single PCS? Yeah, we couldn’t either. The Military Spouse JD Network supports military spouses in the legal profession by advocating for licensure accommodations.

Why We Love MSJDN: Because they use their mad lawyering skills for good. MSJDN’s Justice for Military Families Program provides free legal help to military families by providing meaningful opportunities for volunteer work for Military Spouse JD Network members.

How You Can Get Involved

Maybe you’re not a lawyer or you’ve got fitness on lock, but chances are you’ll come across a military spouse friend or community member who might need you to hook them up with one of these organizations. We encourage you to get connected with all of these organizations by visiting their websites, signing up for their newsletters and following them on social media!



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