52 Goals Week 35: Make a Lunch Date with Your Sweetheart

Make a Lunch Date with Your Significant Other

My husband and I faced a cold reality during a recent FOCUS session. I was discussing (aka complaining) about how I felt a lack of intimacy in our relationship. I wasn’t feeling connected with my partner. I felt myself pulling away from him emotionally.

Then our FOCUS counselor asked this seemingly innocent question:

When was the last time you two went on a date?

We both stared at each other while in our heads trying to review the last 6 months of appointments, mandatory social events and children’s activities.

“December,” I finally answered.

We were now in June.

Seven months. Seven months had passed since our last date night.

Ouch. This realization led to 2 thoughts in my head. First, if it takes me more than 2 minutes to remember when was the last time we had a date night, it’s been too long. Second, our evenings are over-scheduled.

We needed a date night desperately. But our babysitter was on summer vacation at her grandparents’ farm and we are trying to save for a family vacation to DisneyWorld in the spring.

Enter the Lunch Date.


Week 35 Make a Lunch Date with your Spouse

Week 35 Challenge: Make a Lunch Date with Your Significant Other

Challenge Details: Review your schedule with your sweetheart and find a day where you can have a lunch date. You can meet at a new restaurant that you want to try or you can order take-out and eat at home together. The location and food doesn’t matter. This time together does.

Your Deadline: September 5

Bonus points if you post a photo of your lunch date on Instagram. Don’t forget to use #make2016yourbitch so we can award you a gold star.

Don’t think you have time for a lunch date? Worried about the cost of eating out with your spouse during lunch? Here are 4 ideas for romantic and relaxing lunch dates with your spouse.

Pack a picnic lunch. You don’t have to go to a restaurant for your lunch date. Pack a lunch and eat together at a picnic table near his workspace. Be wary of hungry looking single service members. They will be tempted to join you and talk shop to your favorite soldier the entire hour. Wave them away like flies. This lunch date is exclusively for you and your spouse.

Eat at home. You can coordinate your schedules and meet at home at 11:30 a.m. Plan to reheat leftovers or eat a quick salad and sandwich together.

If you have small children at home with you, schedule your lunch date during your kid’s naptime. You and your spouse can share dessert while the little ones are sleeping upstairs. Better yet, you can use drop-in care at your military installation’s child development center or a local church’s Mothers Morning Out so that you can spend your lunch date eating with your spouse instead of cleaning up spilled milk.

Meet at your favorite coffee place. Instead of soup and salad, go out for a latte and scone. This lunch date may be the midday pick-up you both need to get through an afternoon of stressful meetings and boring safety briefs.

Whatever you decide to do on your lunch date, remember that lunch dates are more affordable than dinner dates. If you decide to go out for lunch, pick a restaurant with a military discount to save a few more dollars.

Do you and your spouse have a regular lunch date? How often do you schedule these lunch dates?



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