52 Goals Week 15: Write a Kick-Ass Resume

52 Goals Week 15: Write a Kick-Ass Resume

Week 15 Write a Super Awesome Resume

“Send me your resume,” she told me. I was at a conference and somewhere between hors d’oeuvres, was being served a beautiful opportunity on a silver platter. I blinked a few times, smiled, nodded and tried to conceal the panic as I mentally scanned through the files on my laptop wondering where my resume was.

I finally found it and turns out quite a bit has happened since 2008 when I last updated it.

Three moves, a few job changes and many skill sets later, what should have been responding to an opportunity with a simple email and an attachment is now a total process.

I’m not going to let this happen to you.

Whether you’re actively seeking a new position or going back to work is as high on your priority list as keeping up with the Kardashians, you need an updated resume. Don’t wait until you’re asked for one to do it.

This is the week you’re going to write a resume that will get you the call back, the interview and the dream job as part of NextGen MilSpouse’s You Got This: 52 Challenges to Make 2016 Your Bitch.

Week 15 Challenge: Write a Kick-Ass Resume

Challenge Details: Set aside 1 hour to update or 3 hours to write a resume this week.

Your Deadline: April 18

Bonus points if you print your resume on resume paper and post a photo on Twitter or Instagram waving it overhead. Use hashtag #2016isMyBitch for full credit.

Week 15 Write Your Resume

Pour your coffee and let’s get started with these 4 tips for writing a kick-ass resume.

Pose like a superhero.

Yep, you read that right. Based on sociologist Amy Cuddy’s research, standing in an open, superhero-like pose for 2 minutes actually increases your testosterone levels. While that might help your bench press max, more importantly, it boosts your confidence.

When writing or updating a resume, believing in yourself is the single most important piece. Before you sit down at your computer, channel your inner Wonder Woman or Superman, and think about what a great addition you’d make to any company.

Find your template.

Google “resume template” and there are more than 13 million results. This is one of my favorites, as it gives you prompts and tips along the way, as well as presents what you input in an easy-to-read format.

The ideal resume is one to two pages, max.

Skip the objective statement since a prospective employer already knows you want to obtain a position that leverages your skill sets. Save the valuable resume space and put why you want the position and how you’re the best fit for the company in your cover letter.

Cozy up to a thesaurus.

Employers want to read action words that demonstrate your ability to shine. Show impact where you can. Remember, it’s all in the spin!

Would you rather hire someone who “Fixed a broken system” or someone who “Increased profit margins by 30 percent, using an innovative approach that leveraged existing capabilities?”

Are you going to pick the candidate that “gets along with colleagues” or “promotes an inclusive environment and fosters integration?”

Highlight titles whenever possible. You want to show that you’ve led, managed, directed, authored, created and encouraged others. Find and love a good thesaurus.

Fill those gaps.

A 2013 military spouse study conducted by the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA), found a staggering 90 percent of responding female spouses of active duty service members are underemployed.


Let’s let that sink in.

If you’re one of the 90 percent, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve either taken a job you’re overqualified for or you have a nice little gap on your resume, like when you had to move to Guam and couldn’t buy a job (OK, maybe that’s just me).

Use these great resume gap-filler tips to account for that time.

The two years I wasn’t working in Guam?

I was “authoring unique content, building a brand and managing an online community,” in other words, I was blogging. It’s all in the spin.

Dust off your superhero cape and your thesaurus and write your kick-ass resume today!

Do you have superhero-worthy resume or one that kicks ass and takes name? Either way, tell us how you did it. 



  1. Hi! I currently work as a career counselor advising people on their resumes. We get our info straight from the local workforce commission, with additional career resources thrown in. This is all GREAT info!

    One thing to add- try to show quantifiable results when you can, such as “expanding readership by 25% in the second year” under your blog example. 🙂


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