5 Easy and Meaningful Ways to Thank Your Veteran

Even before I became a military spouse, I had a huge admiration for military members. I grew up as an Air Force brat.

Now as a proud Army wife, I have a deeper understanding on why I’ve always greatly respected women and men in uniform. They are people who make enormous sacrifices in their lives to make sure we stay safe in our homes and each member has a unique job that is a part of a bigger picture.

To me, veterans should be celebrated every day.

This Veterans Day will be my first married to the Army. We’re spending this holiday apart thanks to an unaccompanied tour (10 months down and 2 months to go!). Although I’m apart from my husband, my life still keeps me busy and time gets away from me. I sent him a birthday package a couple weeks ago (ironically, his birthday is 2 days before Veterans Day). But I still wanted to do something that shows I care about him and thank him for his military service.

5 Quick, Easy and Meaningful Ways to Show Your Appreciation This Veterans Day From a Distance

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  1. Create a private online photo album to share with your veteran. Add pictures of proud moments you’ve shared together while they were in uniform like a promotion ceremony or not in uniform like a family vacation.
  2. Donate your time doing deeds for local veterans in your neighborhood or volunteer at the USO or other military nonprofit organization AND don’t forget to share your experience with your veteran. I’m sure they will appreciate it.
  3. Never overestimate the power of an e-card. American Greetings is offering FREE e-cards for veterans. You can use one of their templates and personalize it with a message.
  4. Buy a phone card and call them for once. I know this one really depends on the location of your military member. If they are somewhere with a satellite phone and/or have a cell phone, you can surprise them with a call. My husband has a cell phone in Korea, but I’m never the one to call him because of the cost.
  5. Put together a special Veterans Day care package– and send it even though the package will arrive late. What the heck, I’m still going to send him a package. My thought: I’m going to use all the awesome Veterans Day sales to get my man some nice things. You can do the same! Go shopping with your veteran in mind and send them all the great deals you were able to get because of their service.

How will you thank your veteran this Veterans Day?


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