5 Clever Ideas for a Clutter Free Kitchen

It’s February already and many of us will be receiving our PCS orders soon.  If you are not moving, spring cleaning is right around the corner!   Last month, I shared 3 tips for containing the clutter in your home. Today I will share clever ways to organize your kitchen clutter.

5 Clever Ideas for a Clutter Free KitchenOur kitchen is always the one room in the house that seems to collect the most  clutter and can become an unorganized  mess in an instant!  Not only are the counter tops cluttered with everyday stuff, but inside the cupboards are often messy and overstocked, leaving you wanting to post warning signs for anyone that may want to open!

In most homes, the kitchen is the most trafficked, therefore the highest priority on my list.  Not only is it necessary to keep it organized, it is necessary to find creative ways to safe space.  As you know, space is always a premium!  We lack it, we desire it, we need it!!

Here are clever tips for organizing your kitchen that will serve as space savers as well.

Decorative Containers Make For Beautiful, Functional Storage

Decorative containers such as baskets or colorful plastic containers are great ways to contain clutter but yet keep your home looking stylish.  They are great for keeping like items together, collecting everyday mail, and all of the loose “stuff” that gets left on our counter tops!  You can hang them on the wall, you can place them in the cupboards, you can put them on the counter top!  Try color coordinating them for that extra pizzazz!

Save Space with Strategically Placed Hooks and Rods5 Clever Ideas for a Clutter Free Kitchen

For all of the cleaning spray bottles that we use and take up a whole cabinet, try using a spring curtain rod hung inside the cupboard to hang the bottles from.  This will leave the cabinet open for more kitchen products to be stored.

Decorative hooks like 3M hooks that stick to a surface can come in handy and serve many purposes in the kitchen.  Try hanging them inside a cabinet door to hang your pot holders on!

 Maximize Space by Using the Inside of Cabinet Doors

5 Clever Ideas for a Clutter Free KitchenAnd speaking of inside cabinet doors, what a great place to hang calendars, wipe off boards, or even cork boards!  The inside of cabinet doors are often neglected but can be considered valuable!  You can buy small organizing containers that you can stick to the door  and use to collect pencils and scissors, kool aid packets, or even lightweight cooking utensils.

 Give Unruly Plastic Lids Order with a Dish Drainer

Dish drainers are not only used for drying dishes.  Try using them to store your plastic lids.  Tupperware seems to be my messiest cabinet, and I can NEVER find the right lid to the container that I just used!  Plastic container lids are easily stacked and organized.  Try organizing them by size and shape.

Consistency is the Key to a Well Organized Kitchen

There are many tips and tricks to keeping an organized kitchen.  However the most important one is to keep it organized by being consistent.  If need be, label your baskets or containers so your family will know what goes where.  Make sure you keep all items that are used for the same purpose together.  For example, coffee cups, coffee pot and all products used for your coffee should be in a location together.

You can check out my blog for some great  tips to help contain canned goods in your kitchen and how to organize a pretty and practical pantry.



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