40 Reasons We Love Our NextGen Dads

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Being a hands-on Dad is no longer a novelty, it’s the standard for fatherhood today.  As Type-A Parent, Kebly Carr, put it:

I am married to a hands-on dad. From day one, he was changing diapers and helping with boo boos and… well, parenting.

Parenting.  Not babysitting.  Not watching the kids.  Parenting.  At NextGen MilSpouse, we want to give our NextGen Dads a huge Father’s Day shout out and tell them why we love them!

Why We Love Our NextGen Dads

1. We love that you take great pride in holding down the homefront when our careers, education, or professional development pulls us away.

2. You wear tutus and beads with easy-breezy confidence and a great deal of panache.

3. Our hearts melt to watch you play with our children.

4. You know how to keep it cool, calm, and collected when we’re feeling stressed.

5. There are things you do better than we do and we really dig that (even if it’s hard for us to admit that)!

6. Diapers?  You laugh in the face of a blow out.

7. You don’t mind watching endless hours of cartoons.

8. Two words: Tickle Monster.

9. Our kids love cuddling with you and you love cuddling with them.

10. Because the end of Toy Story 3 made you misty.

11. You know when Mommy needs a time out.

12. You love and support us even when we’re having a hard time loving and supporting ourselves.

13. Did we mention how laid back you are?  We might complain about it, but it’s just because we’re jealous.

14. After a million moves, you are still the wall hanging expert.  We’re not sure how you scored calibrated eyeballs, but we’re glad you did.  Our walls would be bare without you.

15. We love your short memory span…like when you don’t seem to remember something we “lost” (read: donated) during the last PCS.

16. Because you held our hand during labor…and cut the cord.  And cried a little…err…got something in your eye.

17. You never missed an opportunity to mail our children a video of you reading their favorite book each week of your deployment.

18. Our children love you and it shows.  You get the rockstar treatment every time you walk through the door.

19. You mastered the perfect blend of psycho dad and cool-hip dad that totally keep boyfriends on their toes.

20. You can make a tantrum stop from half a world away.

21. You model loving, compassionate, and engaged fatherhood and marriage for our children.

22. Two outings: Daddy-Daughter Day & Father-Son Day.

23. You don’t always say, “Go ask your mother”. You are confident enough to call the shots too.

24. When we say that we’ve had a bad day, you get it.  And you’re cool with cereal, PB&J, or fending for yourself for dinner.

25. That you take great pride in the bathtime-bedtime routine.

26. That you read stories with funny voices.

27. That you manage to get the kids dressed in mostly matching clothing, even if you haven’t mastered it for yourself.

28. How you have more patience than we do and a higher tolerance for endless playtime.

29. You aren’t allergic to washing dishes…even if you’re not quite sure where they go once they’re clean.

30. Because you have zero tolerance if anything messy gets within 10 feet of your dress uniform but have no problem with slobbery hugs in that same uniform from our toddler.

31. We love hearing our kids say, “I love you, Daddy” and then hearing you say, without skipping a beat, eyes closed, cheek-t0-cheek “I love you, too.”

32. That you can say the same thing I say, but it carries more weight coming from you.

33. That sometimes the only person who can make it better is you.

34. Because there is nothing more beautiful than you in uniform holding hands with your child.

35. There is nothing more precious than watching you tandem nap with our baby.

36. That you never question the need to travel with a portable DVD player or iPad…just in case.

37. Because you have special things that only Daddy does that Mommy can never do.  Just you.

38. When you laugh if you come home from work and we’re still in our pajamas…because you get it.

39. Even though you look like a badass in uniform, we know how quick you melt when you’re around our child.

40. We love that you bring your A-game every day and challenge us to do the same.

Happy Father’s Day to all of our Dads out there!  Special love to our stay at home dads standing behind their servicemen and women!

Do you have anything to add to our list?  What do you love the most about parenting with your husband or significant other?  Share it with us below!



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