4 Ways To Go All Out This 4th of July Without Going Broke

Fireworks Celebration
Fireworks Celebration

Something scary happened to me this weekend at the grocery store. It was empty! Not busy at all! No waiting in lines. No complaining because what I wanted was out of stock from all the other people taking the product.

So why is this blissful experience a nightmare to me?

4th of July.

Shoppers are saving their money, skipping a grocery trip, getting by on what they have so they can blow it all on the holiday cookout that is impending. Grocery totals at the registers are going to be astronomical.

I love the 4th of July holiday, don’t misunderstand me. Fireworks, s’mores, friends and family gathering to celebrate, honoring our great country; it’s a fun time! But don’t let the Nation’s birthday party put you in the red with your bank account.

So how can we have a great time this holiday season and still keep money in the bank?

4 Ways to Break Free From Overspending On Your Party this 4th of July!

1. Shop Smart for the 4th of July

This should be simple, but we can get so carried away when we are excited about the upcoming fun that’s about to take place.

  • Make a list and stick to it!
  • Use those coupons! Usually there are tons of them floating around online and in the paper right before a holiday.
  • Compare prices. The store circulars will have their sales advertised so you can compare pricesbetween the stores. Some stores will also price match a competitor’s price if you have the ad with you.
  • Private Labels. This is a fancy way of saying “store brand.” Usually private label items are much less than name brand and have the same quality. Besides, when chips are thrown in a bowl for people to eat, they won’t care or be able to see what brand they are.

2. Make Your Independence Day Celebration a BYOB Event

It isn’t a party, for many, without some booze. You know it’s going to be a good time when you show up at shin dig and there’s rows of coolers full of alcohol that you feel like you’re walking through the liquor aisle at the store. Realistically, who needs that much alcohol? Scale back a bit and just get a couple of cases of something. Ask your party guests to bring their own booze. With so many types of craft beer, specialty wines, and mixed drinks people are very favorable to certain drinks and will be happy to bring their own.

3. Declare Your Independence from the Kitchen or Grill.  Go Potluck Style!

Gone are the days when it is expected that a party host makes an entire 4 course meal for flock of people gathering together. As a host, just make sure you have the main items prepared and ask your guests to contribute to the rest of the meal.

Most guests ask what they can bring anyway. Don’t be shy! Ask you guests to bring side dishes, soda, plastic wear, dessert, whatever is needed. It’s just human nature to reciprocate generosity; you’re inviting friends over for a good time and they want to contribute. Let them!

4. Bring a Little Homemade Patriotic Charm to Your Decorations

Holidays are blast when walking through stores. There are so many pretty decorations that would make a wonderful addition to your party atmosphere. We have to remember that your guests are coming for the company, not to judge how many flags and candles you have scattered around. Plus those adorable decorations can take a not so cute toll on the wallet.

Shop around at dollar stores or scavenger hunt throughout your yard for items to use. There’s also tons of websites with cheap and crafty homemade decoration ideas (hello Pinterest!). Besides, homemade decorations are usually better looking than anything you can find in a store and they are great conversation starters.

So sit back, enjoy the time with friends, and enjoy not being “that person” who spent the whole food budget for the month on one celebration.

What ways have you found to have fun and celebrate the holiday on a budget? Or do you feel obligated to fully provide for your guests when you host a get together?


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