4 Super Easy Things You Can Do To Tune Up Your LinkedIn Profile Right Now

Whether you’re thinking about jumping on LinkedIn or you’ve already got an account, LinkedIn is a totally different social network than Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.  Here are 4 super easy things you can do to tune up your linked in profile right now that I learned by attending the LinkedIN Job Search Workshop for Transitioning Military, Veterans, & Families hosted by Project Transition USA.

1. Add all of your email addresses to your account. All of them.

If one of your friends or connections invites you to connect via an email address you don’t already have included in your LinkedIn Profile settings, LinkedIn will create duplicate profiles for you via your rogue email addresses.  By adding all of your possible email addresses to your profile, you will capture every single networking request that comes to you.

Worried that someone will see the email address you’ve secretly maintained since high school a la cinammonhottie@aol.com (oh yeah, I just shared mine)?  Don’t sweat it.  You can select the email address of your choice to share publicly on LinkedIn.

add emails on linked in


2. Stop broadcasting every single LinkedIn profile edit you make.

Don’t spam your LinkedIn network! Turn off your activity broadcasts. Go to settings -> profile -> privacy controls-> uncheck box.

linkedin don't spam

3. Keep your profile image neat, clean, and viewable to everyone.

Don’t use a photo of you and your family. This is all about you.  Find a nice clean head shot (read: shoulders, neck, and head) to use as your profile image and don’t hide it away.  Go to settings -> account -> Change your profile photo & visibility -> Select ‘Everyone’ -> save.

everyone sees your picture on linked in


4. Do customize your LinkedIn URL.

Put your profile in edit mode and claim your vanity URL for your profile.  Once again, keep it professional and short.  Use derivations of your first, middle, and last name.

linkedin URL personalize


About Project Transition USA:  Project Transition USA, a 501c3 nonprofit, specializes in helping transitioning military veterans & their families find meaningful, high-quality civilian careers by learning to fully utilize the powerful networking & job search technology of LinkedIN.  Visit their website to learn more: http://www.projecttransitionusa.com.


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