4 Sanity Saving Tips for Surviving Deployment Solo

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By Guest Contributor, Rachel Tringali

It’s not exactly a walk in the park for military families to go through a deployment. And when you don’t have any children, deployments can feel really isolating. It’s been a challenge to find ways to keep myself positive and motivated while my husband is away. Needless to say, I AM getting through it and I can’t be more proud of myself.

On July 10, we officially hit our half way mark of the yearlong tour. I thought it would never come. And now, almost two months later, we can practically smell the orders coming our way.

I couldn’t think of a better thing to do than to share the things that have helped me keep my sanity – and is keeping me going through this tour alone.

Remember you’re not really ALL alone.

Obvious, right? But, I can’t tell you how many times that I’ve just felt so alone. It’s hard not to think like that when you go to sleep to an empty bed and a quiet house. Also, I live far away from a military installation, so I’m a bit more distant from the way of life than some others.

However, I do know that I have people around me that care and love me just the same. Thinking about them and being around them is the best medicine when I can’t shake off the blues on my own.

Keep yourself busy.

Starting a new hobby or perfecting an old one is a great way to fill-in on the time you would typically spend with your spouse. I started blogging because writing was always a soothing pastime for me. I write a lot at my job, but blogging allows me to be more personal and share my current thoughts to a very special community. If you’re not a closeted writer like me, try painting, start a collection or even just set short term goals like running a 5K!

The more you apply yourself, the faster the time will go!

Schedule a “me” day.

Go shopping, get a pedicure, heck, get a massage if you can work that in. Sometimes it’s good to splurge on ourselves once in awhile.

Don’t forget to keep the romance alive!

I’m lucky that my husband and I get to connect regularly via the Internet. I can’t begin to explain to you how thankful I am to be a military spouse in this day in age, especially just less than 30 years ago, when my father would go overseas, my mother had to rely on pen and paper – and the occasional long distance call from the USO.

We shouldn’t take the amount of connectivity with our spouses for granted. Skype them as much as you can. Email them when you’re thinking about them. And, hopefully, they will do the same!

With that said, being so connected shouldn’t mean we completely throw away old school! There is just something extra special about getting a letter that is handwritten. Whether it is sending each other love notes or emailing each other photos or thoughts from your day, communication will help you keep your relationship strong.

 Alone by Pierre Guinoiseau on Flickr via CC by 2.0.

RachelTringaliheadshotRachel Tringali is a newly minted Army wife to an amazing soldier and daughter to a USAF retiree. Rachel’s family settled in Texas and that’s where she calls home. After growing up in Texas, Rachel continued her education in New York City where she earned her BA in Communication Studies. She currently resides in the Big Apple, where she works as a PR coordinator. Rachel started her writing career at a local newspaper and interned at several national and local magazines, and now writes for herself on The Professional Army Wife where she shares her experiences with others as she integrates to Army life. Follow her on Facebook!




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