30 Thoughts I Had While My Movers Unloaded The Moving Truck

30 Thoughts I Had While My Movers Unloaded The Moving Truck


It is the beginning of the end of your PCS.

The camping chairs are no longer comfortable and eating every meal at a restaurant is no longer novel. Your air mattress is slowly deflating and you are soooooo ready for your own bed. The kids are ready for the rest of their books and that one toy that they said they didn’t want for the trip but then asked for every single day.

30 Thoughts I Had While My Movers Unloaded The Moving Truck

But first, the movers have to unload the moving truck. And that goes something like this:

1. They’re here! They’re here!
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2. OMG what if something is missing? What if something’s broken?

3. Should I have bought coffee or donuts for them? Will that ensure that they handle everything with care? Too late, they’re blocking my car so no coffee for any of us.

4. Paperwork…all the lists. Time to invent a system.

5. Where’s my pen?

6. Boxes 1-10. Kitchen. Easy. We got this.


8. Is that a rip in the fabric? No. I’m seeing things…it was the shrink wrap playing a trick on my eyes.

9. Floor lamps? Ummmm just put all of those in the garage.

10. Kids’ toys box. Please have my daughter’s stuffed pig in it.

11. How many legs does our dining room table have 3 or 4?

12. I hope they broke that ugly ass side table. I don’t know why we packed it but I want a new one so…

13. Box #25, #74, #103, #16. Can’t these come off in numerical order?

14. Dining room table leg #4 found, phew.



16. Omg they…no, they didn’t. OK, we’re good.

17. HOW DID THE UGLY ASS SIDE TABLE SURVIVE ANOTHER MOVE?!?!?! But my brand new bookshelf? Broken. Every. Single. Time.

18. Cats. Where are the cats? Oh, they found a box. Of course. “Don’t touch this box!”

19. Where is the parts box?

20. Don’t drop that box. Don’t drop that box. Don’t drop that box!

21. Where is the coffee maker? Why didn’t we bring that in the car with us?

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22. That’s not my coffee table.

23. Why do we have SO MUCH STUFF?

24. Can I throw away (insert spouse or kid’s collection of stuff) and no one will notice? Nope, spouse/kids are looking…

25. Coffee pot found – in a box labeled “laundry room,” obviously.

26. Pens are individually wrapped in 5 sheets of paper, but my plates? One piece each. WTF?

27. The boxes…they won’t end. WILL THEY EVER END?

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28. Two rooms down, many more to go.

29. Almost done, almost done, almost done.

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30. SUCCESS! Goodbye paper, goodbye boxes. We are home.

What thoughts do you have while the movers are unloading the moving truck? Share them in the comments section. 



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