3 Easy, Budget-Friendly Fall and Winter Home Decorating Tips

The holidays are just around the corner, and you probably would rather spend your cash on something other than expensive decorations.  Here are a few ideas to spruce up your table that won’t break your budget.

Budget-Friendly Decor Tip 1: Go Au Naturale

Gather leaves and twigs from your own backyard or nearby wooded area.  (Just be sure to check for, ahem, hitchhikers when you bring them inside.  Most of my family shares my arachnophobia and we had a spider almost ruin Thanksgiving a couple years ago.)  If you have little ones, be careful of bringing berries and other non-edible flora in.


You can arrange your findings in a vase.  If you don’t have an appropriate fall-themed vase, wrap your vase in a brown paper bag and tie it with raffia or a ribbon.

Budget-Friendly Decor Tip 2: Embrace Your Inner Foodie

Use fruits and veggies to liven up your tablescape.  I have an actual fruit stand that my mom gave me years ago, but you could also use a cupcake stand or cake plate.  I have used real and artificial pumpkins, apples and pears, but one could also use oranges, pomegranates, lemons and limes.  If you go with the real deal, you have the added benefit of a healthy snack for later!


You can also spray paint (uncarved) gourds and pumpkins that were part of your Halloween/Fall décor a metallic color and use them as winter holiday decorations.

Budget-Friendly Decor Tip 3: Get The Kids Involved

Kids love to help out during the holidays.  Have them collect fall leaves and press them in a heavy book for a week or so.  Then they can use metallic markers to draw designs on them or simply scatter them on your table.

Let them try their hands at painting Styrofoam balls with craft paints and then hot glue (adult supervision needed for this part) artificial leaves to them.



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