20 Silly Answers to the Interview Question ‘What Brought You Here?’


Editor’s note: We don’t advise, suggest or encourage you to use ANY of these answers to that typical job interview question, “what brought you to this area?” 

20 Silly Answers to the Interview Question 'What Brought You Here?'

Any military spouse, or really anyone who has moved EVER, has been asked one very important question when interviewing for a new position.

“Soooooo,” begins your prospective new boss.

What brought you here?

Typically, I shoot out an answer about excellent opportunities, how much I love the vibe of the region or the truth: my spouse’s job.

Every once in a while though, I just want to give a smartass response to that interview question. Here are some of the ones that make me laugh on the inside.

20 Silly Answers to the Interview Question “What Brought You Here?”

1. God. God brought me here.

2. Well, I drove here today in my car. But before that I traveled on a train, a plane and a boat.

3. What brought YOU here? I’ll just rephrase whatever you say as my answer.

4. Why does it matter? If my credentials and resume meet your needs and you think I would be an asset to your staff, do you care whether I was dropped on your doorstep by magic or if I actually took the time to research this company?

5. The same way everyone else who applied did: I found your job posting, submitted my resume and then you called with an interview time. So I showed up, as requested, because I think I would be great at this job.

6. Pure chance and good fortune, really. You see, I found a penny the other day and picked it up. You know what they say, “Find a penny, pick it up…” So I submitted my application to a bunch of jobs randomly, and you called!

7. I’m here to audition for the part of Cinderella in your upcoming movie. Don’t tell me I’m in the wrong place again?

8. My mother actually found this job, submitted the application and answered the phone when you called. What is this for? If she thinks I’d be good at it, I’m sure I will be.

9. I live around the corner and just popped in to use your restroom. The person at the front desk pointed me into the office, so really, what am I doing here? Did I take someone else’s spot?

10. What do you think brought me here?

11. I apparated here.

12. My extreme interest in (insert the exact opposite of the position you are currently interviewing for). Is that not what this is about?

13. I’ve actually been following you on Facebook and Twitter for years, now. So, essentially, you brought me here. Now, let’s chat about that outfit choice from the 2012 holiday party. What were you thinking?

14. I’m transmitting my response to you via telepathy. You should be receiving it…now.

15. I’m working my way around the country, and this is spot number 25. I just picked the most basic job I could find that I was remotely qualified for. And here I am!

16. I’ve been building my resume through volunteer work, job-hopping and self-employment. Right now, I’m gunning for upper management, which is the position you hold, right? I think I can take it over in, oh, 3 to 6 months.

17. I was lead here by the ghost of a former employee. She just showed up and told me to arrive at this day and time, that the rest would be taken care of.

18. A job. A job brought me here. Isn’t that what you’re offering?

19. The beautiful weather here! (Describe the climate in excruciating detail) Sorry, what were we talking about again?

20. Actually, I can’t tell you that. If I told you, I would have to kill you.

Have you ever been tempted to give a silly answer in a job interview? What would your answer be? Tell us in the comments section. 



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