14 GIFs That Illustrate the Awesome Love-Hate Truth about Working from Home

Work from Home Week

It’s National Work From Home Week and if there’s anything NextGen MilSpouse knows about today’s military spouses is that we’re huge champions of flexible work environments to fit the crazy that is our military life. Granted, working from home isn’t always perfect, but we sure do love it!


No Commute = No Traffic


Working From Home = Zero Dress Code


Unless you have to Skype meet or go out for lunch…


When you’re on fire, you’re on fire.
And when you’re not, you’re on Facebook


When you’re on a hot streak, you forget to do things….
Like pee. Or eat…


Or pick up your kids from school.


But because you work from home, you’re always at work.


Even when you’re on vacation.


Your in-office consultant most likely has four legs and the annoying habit of requesting bathroom breaks mid conference call.


And even though you thought you could totally work at home with your kids at home, it really ended up like this…
So you got a sitter, parent’s helper or enrolled them in school.


Your worst nightmare is the Wi-Fi going out. 
And when the Wi-Fi goes out you have at least 3 other back-up Wi-Fi locations. Like Starbucks, Panera or any store you can park near and borrow the Wi-Fi signal.


Late afternoon showers is more than the weather report.
It’s how you mask your less-than-glamorous work from home habits from your spouse.


The reason you’re out of coffee mugs is because they’re all on your desk. Along with bowls, plates and cutlery.


Sometimes you miss working in an office, but then you remember this.


So no matter how crazy it gets, once you go work from home, you never wanna go back. 


Do you work from home? What’s your love-hate work from home truth?




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