10 Things Every Military Spouse Needs to Start Doing Right Now


Military spouses know that the military takes a huge precedent in our marriages. It’s been said before that if the military wanted our service members to have a spouse, the Department of Defense would have issued a military spouse to them.

It wouldn’t be a joke if there isn’t some truth behind it.

Their duty sometimes outweighs the things that we might have wanted them to do like attend a friend’s wedding, be there for a birthday or travel with during the holidays. Those are a couple of circumstances that my husband had to miss.

Stop focusing on all the ways the military is holding you back.

Start grabbing life by the horns and make the most of this military lifestyle!

Grab a pen and paper and personalize these 10 things every military spouse needs to start doing right now.

10 Things Every Military Spouse Needs To Start Doing Right Now

Start Accepting Military Life

It’s one of the first things newbie military spouses are encouraged to do, but oftentimes is difficult to actually fulfill. The military can do things that holds us back like deployment or TDY. Despite the negatives, it IS the life we chose and our relationship with our spouses makes every hardship worth it.

Start Living For Yourself

The military will give you lots of opportunities to be alone. Take advantage of this alone time by reading a book at a local coffee shop, binge-watching your favorites on Netflix or finishing that online college degree you’ve had your eye on.

Start Realizing Your Full Potential

You can do it. Seriously, it’s mind over matter. I believe military spouses are capable of anything we set our minds to, so whatever is on your dream list, remember it is possible.

Start to Say “No”

This is something that I have trouble with doing because I always say “yes.” Even if you can actually do it all, you might be overworking yourself and it could result in unhappiness. Think about what it is that really makes you happy and then know it’s OK to say no to those things that aren’t making you happy.

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Start To Get Involved In Your Military Community

Spending time giving back to the community gives me a sense of fulfillment. Check out your local MWR or ACS office to see if you can volunteer a hour or two, if it works in your schedule.

Start Doing Something New

A new activity is a great way to keep our minds sharp and gives us something fun to do. I began scrapbooking as a way to chronicle our time at our duty stations and it’s awesome to see all the different things we’ve managed to do in just a year and a half.

Start Meeting New People 

A scary thing at first, but putting yourself out there to meet new people can actually help you with achieving your goals. Keep an open dialogue with everyone that comes your way because you never know who can scratch your back, while you scratch theirs.

Start Your Duty Station Bucket List

If you haven’t done a duty station bucket list, do it! It’s a great way to make sure you get to do everything your location offers.

Start Your Marriage Bucket List

This can be broad from vacations you want to take or activities you and your husband enjoy. For example, make sure you have a dedicated date night or cook dinner together. It’s the little things that add up.

Start Truly Being Yourself

Stop worrying what people have to say about you, especially your decision to marry someone in the military. Be yourself and only yourself and it really make you happy.

All the things above will help you engage and embrace military life!



  1. Life around a base is easier if you don’t work and want to be involved there. I’ve been a working spouse our entire marriage I actually had two jobs before we got married. Every single base event is on a week day at a working time, frg meetings are at dinner time. I’m not even home yet. It’s been very difficult and annoying trying to connect with this community and though there is a push for spouses to work or seek training I can see why many wouldn’t the they would be on the out. However, they all
    complain about the working hours of their husbands, how dramatic other women are, or judge the way another mother is raising their child. So I’m happy to be on the opposite side of having too much time, and agree their should be an addition to this list to seek training or find a job or go back to school. It’s 2016 people, marry the right man who will support you making something of yourself as much as he does.

    • Jennifer Shannon

      Yes! This post speaks to me! I am working army wife and I can relate on everything you said.


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