10 DIY Ideas For A Festive 4th of July Party!

July 4th is right around the corner, and it’s usually a time to enjoy your friends and neighbors with a backyard BBQ. I don’t think anyone parties as much as the military on holidays! We know how to celebrate that is for sure. But do you add festive July 4th decor to make your party explode with fun and excitement?

Many times when we have a 4th of July BBQ, we have a lot of guests who attend. The more the merrier right? However when you are entertaining a large group, it can become costly, very costly.

Well, not really! Here are 10 DIY festive Ways to entertain on the cheap.


1. Use red white and blue paper products. Today you can find colored paper products including plastic utensils at all of the dollar type stores.

2. Hang festive paper lanterns, if you have a hard time finding patriotic ones, make your own! Use your creativity by embellishing simple white paper lanterns with scarp booking supplies, paint, stickers, etc

3. Use candy in clear jars or vases and display them on the main table. Many companies, are making their candy in festive wrappers or colors which is a very cute way to add some visual interest to a table setting.

4. Embellish candles with stars, stickers, ribbon, duct tape, etc. Duct tape is now being sold in an assortment of colors and patterns.

5. Serve desserts that are featuring red, white , and blue. Don’t forget a large tray of berries! Homemade popsicles are also a favorite.

6. Serve colorful punch

7. Bring out your American Flags and display them proudly! Being military we should have a few small ones lying around that will be perfect for a table centerpiece.

8. Mix your stars and stripes with gingham printed table cloths.

9. Use your potted flowers that you have planted and decorate the area of your BBQ. You can always add small American Flags or patriotic pinwheels to your potted flowers.

10. Recycle your tin cans. Wrap them in festive paper and embellish them. Use them on the table to store straws, utensils, sparklers, etc.

Celebrating and entertaining this Fourth of July does not need to difficult or expensive. Use color coordinated accessories to keep a themed look. Using inexpensive crafting supplies will allow you to add the details that are going to blast your guests away.

Make sure to check out other easy DIY projects that I have posted like decorating a water bottle, creating a candy bar, and how to decorate with stars, as well as other July 4th themed posts that share great information.





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