You Ask, We Answer: Legit Work From Home Websites

Working from home is an excellent way for military spouses to be able to continue or pursue a career. It’s not for everyone, but it’s seriously something to consider, especially when there are certain factors in your life that keep you at home.

Maybe you’re a new mom or stay-at-home dad?

Perhaps you’re stationed in a rural or remote area?

Maybe you want a part-time job that offers flexible hours?

Perhaps you’re tired of the job search that comes with every PCS and are looking for a career that moves with you?

Whatever your reason for wanting a work-from-home job, there are a lot of great websites and resources to help you in this job hunt.

A NextGen MilSpouse reader recently asked for “reliable and legitimate work-from-home site that I can make extra cash while staying home with my daughter. no telemarketing or sales, preferably like data entry, customer service, receiving calls, making calls for like claims and what not.”

Military spouses overwhelmingly responded to this question on our Facebook page by sharing which work-from-home websites they use and love. More importantly, there was a crowd of “following” responses. Obviously this military spouse isn’t alone in her search for legitimate work-from-home websites.

Are you looking for remote work? Here’s a list of 7 reliable and legitimate work-from-home websites.

Are you looking for remote work? Here's a list of 7 reliable and legitimate work-from-home websites.


  1. Rat Race Rebellion. This website curates jobs from companies and businesses located throughout the United States and includes an extensive list of home-based opportunities. From accounting and financial to crafting and handiwork, Rat Race Rebellion highlights job openings daily and you’re able to search through each category. Keep in mind that leads are screened and not all listings are sent straight to the site.
  2. We Work Remotely. The website lists current openings straight from the homepage and are linked to each opportunity. It’s very easy to access the listings and apply with the actual company or business’s website.
  3. Authentic Jobs. Are you a techie or designer? Authentic Jobs lists job opportunities in these specialties. Make sure you narrow down your search to freelance.
  4. FlexJobs. There is a fee associated with this website, but they boast that their actual client is the job seeker (not the employer). Their team works to make sure that each listing is credible and have had big name companies find employees through their site like American Express and United Health Group. You can select a subscription that is best for your needs. They have more than 21K jobs listed on the site right now and more than 50 different categories.
  5. Elance. Elance offers companies and businesses the opportunity to create a team that suits their needs. If you see something that is interesting, you can showcase your work and pitch to the employers. Also, Elance charges 8.75% for each bid, but is free for freelancers to use.
  6. Guru. Are you looking for more project-based work? Then, Guru’s site might be for you because they offer your services to companies that need help with anything tech, creative or business related.
  7. iFreelance. As a freelancer, you bid on certain projects and connect with project managers to work. The site doesn’t charge transaction or bidding fees. Instead, they offer a membership levels.

Trying to decide if a work-from-home job is a fit for you? Visit these military spouse employment resources.

  1. In Gear Career. A great resource for military spouses. Founded by 3 military spouses, In Gear Career knows all too well the challenges we endure. The goal is to not only empower military spouses with pursuing their career paths, but to provide a strong network of military spouses helping each other. If there is a local chapter near you, visit a networking event and meet with other career-driven military spouses.
  2. Military Spouse Employment Partnership. This career portal aims to bring portable jobs straight to military spouses. There might be some telecommuting opportunities, but this website is also a great resource for military spouses to learn more about portable careers.

No matter where you find a potential job, do your due diligence by researching the company on your own. Don’t forget to ask about payment before starting the job. Most work-from-home websites and resources send funds via PayPal, direct bank deposits or through their very own portal. Don’t be afraid to ask because everyone deserves to get paid for their work.

Do you work from home? Share your favorite websites and resources. 



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